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Open Charge Point Protocol Advocates

Why Clenergy EV believes in an open network

The Power of Flexible Charger Networks

Clenergy EV’s software is based on the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) so that charge points from multiple manufacturers can be controlled via one platform. This gives network owners the ability to choose and change their hardware manufacturers and their power supplier. OCPP gives you flexibility if you have issues with a manufacturer, or if they do not have the solution you need for a certain vehicle or location. Unlike closed network providers, Clenergy EV is committed to consumer choice.

OCPP also covers software providers; if an alternative company offers a better service, or a more competitive price, then you have flexibility to find another provider. Unfortunately, this is not possible for businesses that have bought from manufacturers which do not use OCPP.


What is OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol)?

OCPP stands for Open Charge Point Protocol. It is an open-source “language” that allows charging points and central management systems exchange data.

OCPP has been created so that there is a common communication protocol used across multiple manufacturers. This interoperability means consumers have greater choice over what hardware and software they use when transitioning to Electric Vehicles.


No Stranded Assets or Hardware

Some manufacturers use a closed protocol between the charge point and the software. Not only would you not have the flexibility as mentioned above but you would be tied to this manufacturer; other providers would not be able to communicate with the charge points.

In instances where the charge point provider (with closed protocol) provides a bad service or increases prices then you have two options:

1. Carry on using the provider and accept the prices increase with poorer service

2. Remove the charge points and replace with ones that use OCPP. 

However, it is important that you choose TRUE OCPP devices as some manufacturers say that they have OCPP but this is actually from their software cloud and not directly from the charge points. Therefore in this instance you are still reliant on the manufacturer.

For more information on the difference between Open and Closed Networks, see our Electric Vehicle guide section of the website.


What OCPP Means for your Organisation

Using an OCPP software platform means that organisations can tender your work and therefore create a competitive market. This will produce a cost reduction and service improvement. The alternative is a closed network not providing the service paid for, but not flexibility to move to a competitor product.

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