Scania has shown its commitment to reducing CO2 emissions and instructed Clenergy to manage its charging infrastructure.


Clenergy EV provides charge point management services including payment processing to Scania within the UK.




Clenergy EV provides hardware and software support to Nottingham's electric vehicle charging infrastructure.


Currently we manage the charging for over 150 of their electric vehicles.

Charge points from several manufacturers are controlled via our platform. 


Clenergy provides the installation and management services for Schneider Electric's fleet and staff across its commercial estate of factories and offices throughout the UK.

This includes payment processing, access control and reporting.


SMLL has set up the first autonomous vehicle testing facility in the UK.

Clenergy was chosen to supply, install and manage a varairy of charge points including Tritium, Schneider, EV Box and Alfen.

All charge points and managed on the one platform.