Clenergy EV works with utilities to provide smart charging and load balancing functionality, which helps utilities maintain supply without overloading their grid network


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Power demand due to the charging of electric vehicles will increase, adding strain on the existing grid infrastructure. At peak time, is is estimated that the charging of electric vehicle could increase demand by 30%. Therefore utility companies require innovative solutions and software platforms to help balance the grid while also servicing this new electric vehicle customer load requirements.

Clenergy EV has developed truly interoperable software capable of managing any OCPP compliment charge point and offers load balancing, smart charging and grid integrated services. 


Assessment and Design

A professional site assessment and a design that works for you.

Clenergy EV is independent, so you can be sure that the hardware selected will provide you the best solution.


Being independent, we will recommend hardware that is best for you. We offer all brands who have OCPP communication.

Installation and Maintenance

Clenergy EV can manage all your installation and serving needs.


Our CloudEV software provides a powerful EV charge point management, data aggregation and payment platform to facilitate a smart EV charging network.

Based on Open Charge Point Protocol CloudEV is interoperable, flexible and scalable.  

Load Balancing

Clenergy EV's load balancing solutions can help avoid overload situations within your building or local grid network.

It can also be used in a wider grid application to alleviate pressure on the grid caused by electric vehicle charging.

Smart Charging

Timed or automatic charging will help the users benefit from Off Peak power prices via smart charging.

This can also help the wider grid network reduce the spike in power demand at peak times.