Clenergy EV works with charge point installers to provide your clients with management, data aggregation and payment service. We can also automate OLEV mandatory reports.

National  | Regional  | worldwide  

Clenergy EV works closely with approved installers worldwide. 

As well as providing contracts, Clenergy EV can also provide value added services for your clients. This can provide you better management options and re-occuring business with existing customers.

Clenergy EV can provide hardware including modems and sim cards preprogrammed to save you time on site. We are also able to provide the technical expertise for your on site teams when they need it most.

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Our CloudEV software provides a powerful EV charge point management, data aggregation and payment platform to facilitate a smart EV charging network.


Being independent, we will recommend hardware that is best for your clients.  We have direct relationships with many of the large manufacturer and can pre-program charge and data connection hardware prior to dispatch.

Load Balancing

Clenergy EV's load balancing solutions can help avoid overload situations within your building or local grid network.

It can also be used in a wider grid application to alleviate pressure on the grid caused by electric vehicle charging.

Smart Charging

Timed or automatic charging will help the users benefit from Off Peak power prices via smart charging.

This can also help the wider grid network reduce the spike in power demand at peak times.