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CloudEV is a cloud based smart charging, management, data aggregation and payment platform.

Built on open standards with scalability, flexibility, data integrity and interoperability in mind, CloudEV acts as the fulcrum of our smart charging networks.

Able to control any OCPP electric vehicle charge point:



CloudEV integrates and controls any Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) device.

OCPP 1.5 SOAP, 1.6 SOAP, 1.6 JSON compatible and 2.0 ready.


Monitor large and diverse portfolios

with ease.

Receive notifications of critical events and track energy usage, data connections, charge point statuses and custom alarms.


Compare actual usage to targets, observe trends over time and track availability, performance metrics, lost revenue and your most important KPIs.


CloudEv can manage payment's in over 120 different currencies.

Payments can be made via traditional card providers like MasterCard, Visa and American Express as well as modern forms like AndroidPay, ApplePay, Paypal, AliPay and WePay.

Load Balancing

Clenergy EV's load balancing solutions can help avoid overload situations within your building or local grid network.

It can also be used in a wider grid application to alleviate pressure on the grid caused by electric vehicle charging.

Smart Charging

Timed or automatic charging will help the users benefit from Off Peak power prices via smart charging.

This can also help the wider grid network reduce the spike in power demand at peak times.