Clenergy EV works with commercial property owners or tenants to provide reliable electric vehicle charging for their clients or employees.


Electric Vehicle Charge Points will become the "norm" at commercial premises, but in the interim set your premises apart from the competition to attract the best clients, employees and customers.

Businesses offering charging attract a new breed of customer, who will spend time at your premises while charging.

Installing electric vehicle charge points will demonstrate your companies commitment to the reduction of carbon dioxide and help meet your sustainability goals.

Provide your employees with facilities to help them move to electric vehicles and reduce their transportation costs.


Assessment and Design

A professional site assessment and a design that works for you.

Clenergy EV is independent, so you can be sure that the hardware selected will provide you the best solution.


Being independent, Clenergy EV will recommend hardware that is best for you. 

Clenergy EV only works with Open Source charge point manufactures to give you the flexibility you deserve.

Installation and Maintenance

Clenergy EV can manage all your installation and serving needs.


Our CloudEV software provides a powerful EV charge point management, data aggregation and payment platform to facilitate a smart EV charging network.