EV Drivers

The Clenergy EV mobile app allows you to locate, reserve, control, monitor and pay for your charge.

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Driver App

Use your smartphone to locate the nearest charger, reserve, pay and stay up to date on your account. Clenergy EV's user app, provides truly open charging. Download the app, register and charge.....its as simple as that.

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Multiple payment methods in over 100 currencies


Charge via APP

  1. Register with Clenergy EV App

  2. Add Payment Details

  3. Scan QR code or Enter Station ID

  4. Select Connector

  5. Connect cable to Charge Point and EV

  6. Select Start Charge

  7. Select to use Credit or PAY


Charge via RFID

  1. Connect cable to Charge Point and EV

  2. Tap RFID Card/Fob on charge point to start

  3. Tap RFID Card/Fob on charge point to stop

Order RFID Card

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 RFID Wizard

RFID Scan Wizard allows you to add a third party RFID card to your account. It requires the user to be next to a Clenergy EV Charge Point and use a compatible card.

  1. Open Clenergy EV App

  2. Go to Settings and select "scan RFID"

  3. Select "Begin"

  4. Enter Station ID

  5. Scan selected card on the charge point

  6. A "tick" icon will be displayed when scanned

  7. You will be asked to scan the card a second time

  8. Enter the card name

  9. The card is ready to use