Charging an electric vehicle in public is very different from filling a petrol/diesel vehicle at a fuel station. We're not just talking about the time difference, but the fact that in most instances the electric vehicle charge point will be in an unattended location. This causes lots of potential issues like requiring assistance, through to how you pay for the electricity you use.


We are all familiar with using unattended devices, from vending machines to our self service checkouts at the supermarket - EV charge points are no different. Traditionally charge points have required Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) cards and more recently mobile apps to start and pay for your charge. Both of these can be simple ways to use a charge point, at Clenergy EV we offer both of these options.

EV Box units in WH NHS

Should you require a contactless payment solution or any other way of managing your electric vehicle charge point including RFID cards, Mobile apps or Plug and Charge (ISO 15118), please contact our team via the form below.

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