Leaving your charging stations free to use to the public and not setting closed user groups or private tariffs can result in loss of revenue. It is important for businesses to properly manage and control their charging stations in order to ensure that they are being used effectively and efficiently.

It is remarkable how many businesses install electric vehicle charging stations - and without intent, leave them open for staff and customers to use as they wish for free. The cost of this is often hidden and gets missed in the overall electricity charges a business has to acknowledge. Adding to this, an environment where the cost of electricity is rising and the true cost of leaving chargers open is hidden.


Apart from cost implications, there are several reasons why businesses should not leave charge points open:

  1. Unauthorised use

    Leaving charging stations open increases the risk of unauthorised use by non-paying staff and customers. This can lead to a loss of revenue and increased maintenance costs.

  2. Safety concerns

    Charge points can pose safety concerns if left open and unattended. If a charging session is interrupted or improperly terminated, it can create a hazard for users and surrounding areas.

  3. Liability issues

    If a non-paying customer is injured while using an open charge point, the business may be held liable for any damages or injuries that occur.

  4. Resource management

    Leaving charge points open can create unnecessary strain on resources, such as electricity and maintenance costs. It is important for businesses to manage their resources effectively to minimise costs and maximise profitability.

As a solution to the above problems, we encourage the utilisation of closed user groups, giving charge point operators clear viability of their charge point usage and allow them to restrict network traffic. By implementing closed user groups you are able to decide who can, and who cannot charge at your charging stations.

Example use case:

Here is an example of a business with 18 open charge points.

  • The business has 50% of the charging stations in use each day
  • The charge point users are only charging those EV’s up to 50% battery. 
  • The business has an electricity cost of £0.40p kWh to the user. 
  • The annual cost is almost £26,000 per year


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