Electric Vehicle Charge Point Management System

Industry leading software to monitor, analyse and control electric vehicle charging points


  • Open Charge Point Protocol

  • Standard communication

  • Connect to any device

  • Secure connection


  • Pay As You Go 

  • No Membership Card

  • Smart Phone Enabled

  • World Pay System

Cloud Based

  • Multi device access

  • Control charge rates

  • Manage users

  • Unlimited connections



Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP)

Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) is a standardised form of communication between electric vehicle charging units and a management platform. The idea behind this standardised communication protocol is to enable different charging units and different management platforms to communicate with each other. This would reduce the risk from a manufacturer ceasing to exist and the owner no longer having access to the manufactures management platform and software interface. In a case like this the owner would simply be able to choose another OCPP platform to replace the one which has ceased to be in existence.

The  Clenergy EV platform has been set up to use OCPP 1.5, 1.6 and is 2.0 ready.

Clenergy EV has used OCPP, as the standardisation means that an owner could manage chargers manufactured by several companies with one platform. 

Examples of charge point manufacturers who already offer OCPP connection options are shown below and further information about their products can be found on their websites.

Cloud Based Management System

Charger 1
OCPP 1.5
Payment Gateway
Smart Phone
Charger 2
OCPP 1.6
Charger 3
OCPP 2.0
3rd Party

The Modern Software Platform

Accesable through any browser or device
Subscription based licensing model - no lock in
Flexible, Scalable and highly customizable
Continuously updated - always the latest version
Compatible with any OCPP enabled charger

User App

Use your smartphone to locate the nearest charger, reserve, pay and stay up to date on your account. Clenergy EV's user app, provides truly open charging. Download the app, register and charge.....its as simple as that.


Multiple payment methods in over 100 currencies

UK Based Control Centre

Customer Support

Unlimited business hours customer support.

•24hr customer support available on request..

•Telephone and e-mail service desk.


24hr monitoring of each charge point status.

•Remote re-sets, re-starts, un-locking sockets.

•Start, stop or set charge point as un-available.

Technical Support

Management of on-site service teams.

•Remote fault finding and rectification..

•HSE management options.

Customer Support

Unlimited business hours customer support.

•24hr customer support available on request..

•Telephone and e-mail service desk.

Clenergy EV Cloud

Reserve a Charger

Monitor Usage

Set up and Manage Users

Monitor Device Status

Manage Charge Rates

VPN connection option

Charge Point/User Analytics

24hr Support

RFID card compatable

Clenergy EV Cloud

Locate a Charger

Customisable Display

Customisable Reports

API links to 3rd party software

White Label Option

Multiple Payment Gateways

Automated e-mail alerts

Map based location tool

Download the Clenergy EV app

 By Clenergy EV Ltd.