What is              ?

OCPP stands for Open Charge Point Protocol. It is an open-source ‘language’ that allows charging points and central systems and exchange data. Any EV charging point that is compliant with OCPP can also run any other OCPP-compliant software.


For Flexibility

Many manufacturers operate on a closed system, whereby their charge points can only be used with their own proprietary software. By choosing an OCPP-compliant solution, this means that you can change your network whenever you want. You will never be locked to a single vendor.

For Asset Protection

The EV market is rapidly changing. A closed system charging point infrastructure could become outdated and leave a business with assets that may no longer have value. OCPP is updated as the EV market evolves, so your customers never miss out on an important update to software requirements.

For Cost Reduction

OCPP’s interoperability means that you can simply change networks to avoid inflated fees. You can always choose the price you pay for EV charging services.

Be a part of the future of EV charging infrastructure. 
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