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easee and Clenergy EV charge point at Royal Sands
04 November 2021

Collaboration for Royal Sands Residential

The Little Green Energy Company, Easee, and Clenergy EV have collaborated to simplify the eco-friendly charging for the Royal Sands Development in the Ramsgate marina.

Clenergy EV have installed multiple charge points for residential housing apartments across the UK. One of the challenges of working on these projects is making sure the needs of property owners and tenants are properly met, ensuring easy charge point access and simple payment systems between shared residents. There is also the need for new builds to be eco-friendly to add into the mix.

This is why The Little Green Energy Company approached Clenergy EV about forming a Green Team in UK Renewable Energy. Together with Easee, a leading charge point manufacturer, the three companies have collaborated to simplify eco-friendly charging for the Royal Sands Development in the Ramsgate marina.

TLGEC carried out the installation to the specification of the building owners. Easee charging robots were installed across underground parking bays for the new residential estate. In order to most efficiently link the chargers and allow for multiple charge points to be safely and effectively linked at once, TLGEC advised on a daisy-chain setup. 

Each EV charger will initially be shared by three flats. However, Easee’s load balancing features and innovative Easee Ready plug and play solution, means the system will be easy to scale as more homeowners require charging points. All without the need for additional infrastructure costs, materials and installation time.  

The ground-breaking integration of Clenergy EV's software and Easee’s cloud-based monitoring streamlines the charging process. This allows tenants to easily and efficiently pay for their charging via Clenergy EV, who then facilitate the return to the landlord. The use of a dedicated Clenergy EV app allows tenants to monitor energy usage and track costs, creating a partnership that offers ease and cost-effectiveness to both landlords and residents.

For more information on the installation, please visit The Little Green Energy Company website: Forming the First Green Team in UK Renewable Energy

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