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Price increase for charges
12 September 2022

Increase in pricing with our chargers in the Swansea and Carmarthenshire areas

Why pricing has changed - effective immediately

We understand your frustration with the sudden increase in pricing with our chargers in the Swansea and Carmarthenshire areas. We endeavour to be as transparent as possible with you regarding the recent price increase in these areas.

In these areas, we are currently paying £0.77p/kWh for the energy at wholesale cost plus £0.44 per day standing charges.This price is excluding service charges and VAT.

Even at an increase from £0.35p/kWh to £1.00 p/kWh, we are not profiting from the usage of these charging points.


At this time, we would encourage you to charge at home or seek out cheaper chargers in the area.


What about the price cap for energy pricing?

The pricing cap only limits the total cost per kWh for domestic energy. There is no pricing cap for commercial entities which is why our current wholesale pricing is above the domestic pricing cap in the UK.


What about other charge points on the Clenergy EV network?

Clenergy EV is a Charge Point Operator for charge points in Carmarthenshire and Swansea only, which are run on behalf of the respective councils for each county. Other charge points across the UK are unaffected by the price increase currently.


When will this pricing be revised?

We continue to work closely with both councils regarding energy costs and will review our pricing in these areas once the government has announced the support they will be providing to businesses and public sector organizations.


Why keep these charge points online if you are making a loss per charge?

We are keeping the charge points online for people to use if required in these locations. The only company profiting is the energy wholesaler. As previously stated, we would encourage drivers to go elsewhere to charge their vehicles if they can.