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EV plugged in to charge point
28 June 2022

New UK Smart Charge Point Regulations

What do you know about The Electric Vehicles (Smart Charge Points) Regulations 2021?

A new set of charge point regulations is set to be enforced at the end of June 2022 in England and Wales. This regulation requires all installed charge points to be "smart" and controllable by a back-end software or charge point management system.

The new legislation makes a distinction between different types of charge point use case, which you need to be aware of:

  • Domestic charge points
  • Workplace charge points
  • Public charge points

These regulations refer to domestic and workplace chargers only. They also refer only to AC charge points under 50kW.

If you are selling charge points under 50kW for the workplace or for private domestic use, you need to be aware of the following changes:


Off-peak and on-peak charging

Each charge point must be pre-configured to only charge at off-peak hours. The legislation classes on-peak as between the hours of 8-11am and 4-10pm. This is the default setting per installed charge in workplace or domestic environments. Howeveer, it can be overided at point-of-use by the charge point owner if charging is required.


Randomised delay on charging

If an automated charging session is started, a random delay of up to 15 minutes must be instigated as standard. What does this mean in practice? It is designed to stop multiple EVs starting a charging session at exactly 1 seconds into off-peak hours, and potentially harming grid supply. This can be overidden by the Charge Point Owner if required.


Charging session statistics

Each charging session must be monitored and communicated to the charge point owner. This information should include details on the total power output and charge duration. An existing regulation also requirements per charging session, that must be provided to the charge point owner over one calendar month.


Offline charge point availability

A charge must be usable if it is in an offline state and not connected for a charge point management system. Essentially this means charging sessions can be started via an RFID or debit card, or another token mechanism.

Confused by the above? By using Clenergy EV's Charge Point Management Software help you can abide by much of the legislation - whether you are an installer, hardware manufacturer or charge point owner.

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