Destination Charging

Manage your Destination Charging Stations without any stress


What is destination charging?

Destination charging means charging your electric vehicle at the end of your journey. This could be the shopping centre, the cinema, a holiday park, or a restaurant. Anywhere that you've taken time to visit and expect to stay at for an hour or perhaps all day. Charging stations at these locations are important as they allow long-distance visitors to "top-up" their vehicles as they go about their regular day-to-day activities. It could even be an incentive for Electric Vehicle Drivers to visit instead of competitor locations.

Destination Charging
Monitoring my destination

Do destination charging stations need charge point software?

Yes. With a lot of different potential users, you need an easy way for them to pay for the electricity you are providing them. This allows the charge point owner to generate additional income from the charging stations. Something that is not possible without charge point software.

Additionally, it also provides the EV driver with an easy-to-use checkout system at the point of use.

By using a charge point management system like ours, you can set your own tariff rates and generate long-term income from charging stations, with rates you are always in control of.

Manage Charge Points Remotely

Use an effective charge point management system to monitor your chargers - all from one platform

Fleet management
Increased Efficiency

Remote management allows charging station operators to monitor and control their charging network from a central location, improving operational efficiency.

Cost Savings

Remote management provides real-time visibility into charging station performance, helping operators quickly identify and resolve issues.

Real-time Monitoring

Remote management provides real-time visibility into charging station performance, helping operators quickly identify and resolve issues.

Data Analytics

The ability to collect and analyse data from charging stations can help operators optimise charging schedules and improve their overall charging network.

Improved User Experience

Remote management can help ensure that charging stations are always available and functioning properly, improving the experience of EV drivers.


As the number of charging stations grows, remote management allows operators to easily manage and control a large network of stations.

Convenient EV destination charging

By using the Clenergy EV app, visitors can start, stop and monitor their charge in real-time. They can conveniently charge at destination charging stations whilst continuing with their day-to-day activities. Every transaction that takes place is tracked by the Clenergy EV charge point management system, generating new income.

Easy to use EV charging app
Card payment from EV Driver app

Set your own tariff rating

Each destination charging station tariff is individually set and can be managed by the charge point operator. Setting an overstay fee can help free up charging stations and manage the stay time of customers in charging bays. Some tariffs also include a connection fee which can be set by the charge point operator (CPO).

Customisable settings such as overstay fees, and connection fees to suit your return on investment (ROI). Group tariffs allow users access to private tariffs, even if a public tariff is available.

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