Go Easy on the Accelerator

Much like ICE vehicles, gradually accelerating reduces energy consumption compared to flooring the accelerator. 

The same is true for when lowering speed. A gradual deceleration is kinder on both your brakes and your battery consumption.

Colder Journeys Use More Juice

The American Automobile Association (AAA) conducted a test on electric vehicles and their range in the colder weather. They found that, on average, an ambient temperature of 20°F (6.66°C) resulted in a 12% decrease of driving range compared to 70°F (23.8°C). 

Stay Efficient

If you don't fancy driving in the cold, then consider heating yourself rather than the car cabin itself. Hot air blowing around the cabin will lose heat quickly through windows and doors.

Energy is better expended on making the driver or passenger warm. Making use of heated seats and the heated steering wheel is a much more efficient use of charge.