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Futuristic EV charger against a leather seat backdrop with the words 'Make software your hero' Futuristic EV charger against a leather seat backdrop with the words 'Make software your hero'


Upgrade ordinary OCPP-compatible EV chargers into hero products to help you win more market share.


We are working with distributors to bring you the best charge point management software. Join us to upgrade ordinary OCPP-compatible EV chargers into hero products and win more market share than your competitors. 

As well as providing training, in-house after-sales support and dedicated success management, our distributor proposition earns you referral fees for every charger sold.

Woman thinking about EV charging.

Earn referral fees

Rewards every time staff sell a charger pre-loaded with our software. And provide your customers with EV charging software benefits that last a charger's lifetime. 

Recurring revenue for installers

Installers can earn consistent long-term revenue each time a charger is used, giving them a strong reason to choose you. Our software also helps them easily set their EV chargers apart from competitors with no added effort.

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A lifetime of home charging customer benefits

Help your customers transform home chargers into smart hubs that do more. They can save up to 75% on charging cost per mile on any energy tariff, rent their charger out, and stay in control of their energy costs with in-app visuals of usage and itemised charge periods for expense receipts.

Your installer customers can set up their own charging networks to offer ongoing EV charger benefits and use the built-in charge point management system to oversee it.

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Give commercial customers power, flexibility and control of their networks

Our inbuilt charge point management system allows network owners and operators to future-proof their business with the latest (OCPP) chargers for drivers' needs. As well as set multiple tariff groups to suit any business model.

Our software grows seamlessly with their business with load balancing allowing six times as many chargers onsite. And expansion across borders is simple with our driver app available in multiple languages and currencies. 

What our partners say

With Clenergy EV we can meet clients' additional needs that the standard EV manufacturer's software isn't capable of

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