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EV charging station with caption saying evolve your EV network EV charging station with caption saying evolve your EV network


We work alongside owners and operators of public charging networks, including local authorities, to boost charger usage and enhance the EV charging experience.


Public EV charging stations


Our software and services help operators and owners to deliver accessible, reliable, driver-recommended networks, and to expand the number of sites and chargers in each location to match growing demand.

Our white label option is perfect for charge point operators with existing customers and growth plans that include approaching landowners and developers with high traffic locations. And Clenergy EV branded software and services for public sector or commercial charge point owners who want easy ways to manage and maintain their networks in compliance with Government or state regulations. 



  • Latest Technologies

    Grow your charging sites, confident our latest EV charging technologies and partnerships with companies like Payter, CPI and Nayax.

  • Maximise Chargers

    Maximise the number of chargers you can install at a site without expensive electrical infrastructure upgrades, leveraging our load management systems.

  • Future Proof Network

    Prolong your network’s lifetime with Open Charge Point Protocol to easily mix and match chargers from various manufacturers.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Meet emerging regulations (reliability, contactless payment, 24/7 helplines), and allow engineers to run diagnostics to fix downed chargers with the touch of a button.

  • Monetise Chargers

    Easily monetise chargers by setting up variable and off-peak tariffs for customer groups and access comprehensive reports and tools to inform site profitability.

  • Access More Drivers

    Access millions of drivers and earn their confidence with reliable chargers, easy ways to find you and pay, including contactless, and touchscreen for better visibility.

Make your chargers visible to millions through our partners

  • ZapMap
  • Fiat
  • Allstar
  • Jaguar
  • here
  • Electroverse
  • Google Maps
    Google Maps
  • Honda
  • Ford
  • DKV Fuel Card
    DKV Fuel Card
  • Nissan
  • Apple Maps
    Apple Maps
  • Paua
  • Tesla
  • tomtom
  • VW
  • Greenflux

Maximise site profitability


Our software incorporates load management to automatically optimise electricity usage so you can install six times the number of chargers on site without upgrading your local infrastructure.

As well as maximising profitability, we make it easy to add or replace OCPP compatible chargers to prolong the life of your network, and offer remote maintenance tools to minimise cost and time to repair downed chargers. 

Scale fast to meet demand 


We design for quick and easy scalability with built-in platform redundancy, the ability to flex up to 100 times your typical user base, and cutting-edge data and cyber security.

Working across time zones, in multiple currencies, and languages (including Welsh), our charge point management system provides a single place to manage and maintain your EV charging network in line with local regulations.

Male EV driver on the road.

Access millions of drivers

We offer our customers the ability to reach more drivers through our e-Roaming solutions which allow operators to set public tariffs and advertise their chargers on partner networks.

As well as the ability to reach more than 1 million drivers across 41 countries, customers can win network recommendations from happier drivers who benefit from access to over 250,000 chargers. 

Create the best customer journey with our contactless integrations

  • Payter
  • Nayax
  • PAX
  • CPI

What Our Customers Say

We've been partnered since the very early days of the company. The platform is stable and continues to evolve. You listen, support and meet the needs of our company

BMM Networks

Good value products and excellent technical knowledge

Rhondda Cynon Taf County Council

Happy with the operational uptime, high quality work and great customer relations

Carmarthenshire County Council

The app is easy to use for our clients and the back-end system is simple to use for us.

Car Charged UK Ltd

Always good and quick responses 

USDAW Management services