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At Home At Home


Enjoy even better EV charging at home with free software that makes your charger more clever. And helps you control your EV charging costs. 


Experience even better home EV charging


With our free home EV charging software you can do more. Clenergy EV software will transform your home charger into a smart hub, giving you access to instant savings on your charging costs and more. 

Are you ready to turn your home charger from the ordinary into the extraordinary? 



  • Easy to Use

    Manage all your home charging needs straight from our intuitive and continually improving app.

  • Save Money

    Use our app to access cheaper nighttime charging and save up to 75% on your cost per mile.

  • Make Money

    Set different energy tariffs and you'll be able to rent your charger out to friends, family and neighbours.

  • Charge Scheduling

    Set up and manage convenient times for your EV charger, so your EV automatically charges at times that suit you. 

  • Easy Budgeting

    Control energy costs with in-app visuals of usage and itemised charge periods to reimburse work expense receipts.

  • Tariff Recognition

    Our app allows you to set your energy provider and tariff so you'll have accurate home charging costs instantly available.

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