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We help workplace and mixed-use-developments maximise different EV charging tariffs for staff, residents, and customers.


Workplace and mixed use development EV charging 


Whether you have one charger or many sites, our charge point management with remote maintenance, dedicated account managers, and 24/7 helpline make it easy for you to deliver a reliable EV charging experience.


  • Easy to Use

    Our customer service helps keep stress levels low, while our easy-to-use platform keeps management simple and promises future innovations like Vehicle to Grid.

  • Future-Proof

    Convert sites into easy-to-manage charging hubs using software that prolongs their lifetime without being locked into a long-term contract.

  • Increased Profitability

    Maximise the number of onsite chargers without expensive electrical infrastructure upgrades using our in-built load management system.  

  • Customised Tariffs

    Set different charging payment rates for staff, visitors and the public, and use our comprehensive reports and tools to gain insight on site profitability.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Open compliant networks to the public, leaning on our software and services to help manage reliability, contactless payment, and provide 24/7 helplines for drivers. 

  • Remote Maintenance

    Reduce third-party costs with easy-to-use maintenance tools that fix issues remotely, or provide engineers with diagnostic reports for ‘once and done’ site visits.

Woman using a set of modern EV chargers in a warehouse.

Turn car parks into investments


Don’t let a dated electrical infrastructure stop you from turning land into profit. 

Our platform uses dynamic load management to automatically optimise electricity usage, allowing six times the number of chargers without upgrading your local infrastructure. 

You can extend site profitability with remote maintenance tools to minimise costs and time to repair or easily add or replace OCPP-compatible chargers. 

Maximise the EV opportunity


Our software supports charging stations across multiple-sites and countries. With platform redundancy, the ability to flex up to 100 times your typical user base, and cutting-edge data and cyber security, you can scale quickly and easily.

It works across time zones, in multiple currencies, and languages (including Welsh), providing a single place to manage and maintain your network in line with local regulations. 

Capitalise on market growth


As EV adoption climbs over the million mark, drivers, especially those 30% who don’t have a driveway, will look for options to charge. Places with a long dwell time are an obvious choice and offer an opportunity to provide EV charging as a benefit.

With our software you can set different tariffs for employees, apartment block residents, and customers visiting your site.  

What our customers say

The product is easy to use and makes our customers happy 

Zicam Electrical Group

The software is continually being developed to keep us competitive The fast remote support for chargers removes the added headache of diagnostics. And the support team are fast and reactive

EV Wales

I like that I can speak to a real person and have support from the team

Beaven Consulting Ltd