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Two people dancing in a car dealership with the words 'more sales' in the background Two people dancing in a car dealership with the words 'more sales' in the background


Deliver post-sales services to drive loyalty with an EV charging solution for your electric vehicle sales offer.


Remain relevant in an evolving automotive landscape and be the dealer of choice for EV sales. 

Offer your EV customers a full suite of e-mobility and charging services by partnering with us to give your drivers a lifetime of charging benefits, whether at home or away.


  • Save Drivers Money

    Save your drivers up to 75% on their home charging with pre-scheduled nighttime charging.

  • Make Drivers Money

    Help your customers make money from charging by renting out their driveway to friends, family or neighbours with different charger tariffs.

  • EV Roaming

    Our EV Roaming partnerships give your customers access to over 250,000 charge points across 41 countries in Europe.

  • Convenient Payments

    Offer convenient ways to pay through the app, contactless, Google Pay, and Apple Pay, or a pre-loaded Clenergy EV card in case of wi-fi blackspots.

  • 24/7 Driver Support

    Our 24/7 driver support lines mean real people are ready to help your drivers so they are never stranded at the station.

  • Evolving Technology

    Commit to offering your drivers more with constantly evolving technology and future innovations like Vehicle to Grid and demand flexibility.

Happy customer charging their EV at home.

Offer your drivers more


In one app you can transform drivers' home chargers with free software to provide instant savings on charging costs.

And give them access to EV Roaming. Making EV charging easy, from route planning to starting a charge, without downloading multiple apps or entering details again and again. 

Elevate your dealership with EV sales and service


Make confident sales and future-proof your dealership to stay ahead in the motor industry with dedicated training, pricing, and collateral to support your sales demonstrating how easy EV charging can be.


Drive customer loyalty and service satisfaction


Protect your reputation so customers see you offer a lifetime of benefits to drive loyalty knowing our exceptional post-sales service is an extension of yours. Our 24/7 UK-based support team is available to pick up the phone to drivers whenever they need help.


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