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Male EV driver checking his phone whilst charging his electric car. Male EV driver checking his phone whilst charging his electric car.

Smart EV charging made easy!


  • 250,000+ charge points in your pocket
    Choose chargers from many popular networks across 41 countries.

  • Freedom to roam
    Use your Clenergy EV app or card to travel across different charge networks effortlessly.

  • Convenient payments
    Choose your contactless bank card, Google or Apple Pay, or our pre-loaded Clenergy Card in case of wifi black spots.

Stress-free EV travel

End range anxiety with access to our expanding list of EV partner networks.

  • Equans EV logo
  • Evyve EV logo
  • Virta charging network logo
    Virta (through Gireve/Hubject)
  • Charge point logo
    Charge point logo
  • Eon drive Logo
    Eon Drive Logo
  • Ionity logo
  • Osprey
  • Fastned
  • Dragon Charge
    Dragon Charge
  • EV Box
    EV Box
  • Total Energy
    Total Energy
  • Shell Recharge
    Shell Recharge
  • Raw Charging
    Raw Charging
  • Allego
  • ePower
  • Chargecloud
  • EV Dot
    EV Dot
  • ERA Supercharge
    ERA Supercharge
  • Greenway
  • Last Mile Solutions
    Last Mile Solutions
  • Powerdot

Home EV charging at its best


With free Clenergy EV software, we transform your home charger into a smart hub to provide instant savings on your charging costs. 

  • Money saving

    Schedule cheaper night time charging to save up to 75% on your cost per mile on any energy tariff.

  • Money making

    Set different energy tariffs and rent your charger out to friends, family and neighbours.

  • Easy budgeting

    Control energy costs with in-app visuals of usage and itemised charge periods for expense receipts.

What our drivers say

The app is easy to navigate. Lots of coverage for my area too. Nice job Clenergy EV!

Every time I have needed to use the app it has worked without an issue. Plenty of convenient charging points too.

Good app to use multiple Chargepoints - interoperability is the way forward!

I’ve never had a problem using the Clenergy EV app. Good work


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And for common questions see our Guides & FAQs.

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