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EV chargers powered by the Clenergy EV back-office system EV chargers powered by the Clenergy EV back-office system


Join our manufacturer partnerships to turn your chargers from the ordinary into the extraordinary.


Be the hero on the retail floor and win hearts and minds with personal support for your products' journey from the factory, through the store, and to the door. 

Join our referral programme to pre-load your EV chargers with a lifetime of customer benefits.

Man lifting his infant soon to charge their EV.

Offer value to your supply chain

We provide complete admin support and 24/7 driver care phone lines to keep your network running smoothly, and your drivers happy.

Be your customer's hero

Spark desire for your brand with software that transforms your chargers into value-added hero products to take on market demand.

Grey-haired man in a grey suit jacket and trousers charging his electric vehicle at a shopping complex car park against a sunset backdrop.

Give customers power, flexibility and control of their commercial networks

Our inbuilt charge point management system allows network owners and operators to future proof their business with the latest (OCPP) chargers for drivers' needs. As well as set multiple tariff groups to suit their business model.

As they grow, they'll benefit from load balancing, allowing six times as many chargers onsite, and expansion across borders with multiple languages and currencies. 

Electric car charging in a homely countryside setting.

Home EV charging at its best

You can help your customers transform their home charger into a smart hub that works with any energy supplier. They can save up to 75% on your cost per mile on any energy tariff, rent their charger out, and stay in control of their energy costs with in-app visuals of usage and itemised charge periods for expense receipts.

And installers can set up private networks to offer the above and use the inbuilt charge point management system to oversee it.

What Our Customers Say

Good value for money, great future proofing, and excellent service 

Hydra EVC Ltd

The software and support is second to none. We've really been able to level up our offering with our Clenergy EV partnership

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