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Image of a desk with laptop showing EV charge point management software Image of a desk with laptop showing EV charge point management software


Seamlessly connecting home, workplace, and public charging networks to deliver more revenue, offer better energy management, and deliver cost savings. All from one powerful platform.


  • Flexible tariff options

    Our EV charging software allows you to set overstay charges, encouraging users to move on, whilst still charging high rates. Additionally, it allows you to add on connection fees for particularly high usage areas.

  • Reactive 24/7 support helpdesk

    Our trained staff or our CPO partners provide each charge point with reactive 24/7 support helpdesk, ensuring that EV drivers get the best EV assistance.

  • Group charge points for easy management

    Create ‘charger groups’ with a set price for public EV drivers. Easily monitor the group for utilisation rates and number of transactions, with income generated hitting your account each month.

  • Automated charge point error reports

    Get notified when charge points go offline or have faulted. With error reports and remote diagnostic tools, CPOs can look to rectify issues remotely, before requiring a site visit.

  • Detailed interface

    With a Google map interface, you can find your chargers in one quick look - with a detailed dashboard providing a high-level overview of everything you need.

  • Over-the-air firmware updates

    Apply updates to your charger network remotely with our software tools, giving you peace of mind that your network is fully secure.

EV charge point software that puts you in control


  • Built for reliability 
    Feel confident working with a highly robust software platform with over 99.99% uptime.
  • Scalability is built into our core
    Our EV charging platform is compatible with any OCPP charge point allowing you to grow your network with hardware that suits you seamlessly.
  • Flexible configuration
    Our platform works around your needs. Available across time zones, in hundreds of currencies, and in multiple languages. And accessible from any device.

  • Customised Access Control

    Customise access to your charge points to fit your specific needs.

  • Hardware Agnostic

    Easily connect your preferred charging stations to Clenergy EV, regardless of their manufacturer using industry standard protocols (OCPP 1.6)

  • Pricing Flexibility

    Manage charge points on an individual level and decide pricing for different groups.

  • Dynamic Pricing

    Set your price to update dynamically based on your energy tariffs to ensure your costs are always covered during peak hours.

  • Payments & Invoicing

    Multiple payment options and invoicing. Easy charging, seamless payments, effortless invoicing.

  • Roaming - CPO

    Open your charge points to our partner networks, providing access to 1MM+ additional EV drivers to increase utilisation.

  • Roaming - EMSP

    Clenergy EV drivers can access more than 250,000 charge points from partner networks in the CEV app.

  • Dynamic Load Balancing

    Optimise the load of your charging network, eliminating costly site upgrades and supporting up to 6x more chargers.

  • OCPP

    Connecting charge points to Clenergy EV is easy and secure because of Clenergy EV’s compliance with Open Charge Point Protocol 1.6 and 2.01.

  • Driver Help Desk

    Providing real-time support to all Clenergy EV driver customers at point of need.

  • QR Stickers

    Order a QR sticker and connect it to a charge point. Once scanned, drivers can charge and pay with their preferred payment option.

  • Self Healing

    Self-healing algorithms ensure charger stability and availability. Self-healing automatically fixes CP bugs and errors to increase uptime.

  • Remote Firmware Upgrade

    Manage and update your chargers' firmware, making sure you’re always up to date. 

  • Segment User Types

    Allowing you to control members, guests and other EV drivers’ charge point access and usage.

  • Contactless Payments

    Clenergy EV is integrated with leading payment processors, enabling drivers to pay by credit card directly on site.

  • Reporting

    Get in depth analysis and reports on the commercial performance of your charge points.

  • Cyber Security

    Operate your network with peace of mind, by using Clenergy EV’s Cyber Security certified software to keep your network and data safe.

  • UK Smart Charge regulations

    Ensure that your network is up to date to meet the new UK Smart Charge regulations.

  • Home Charging

    Add and manage your home charger to set schedules and save money.

  • Installer App

    Onboard and install new chargers seamlessly. 

Woman thinking about EV charging.

EV charging experts

Backed by an operational support team with decades of technical and EV installation expertise, you'll be able to adopt and use charge points confidently. 

Flexible customer support

We provide complete admin support and driver care phone lines to keep your network running smoothly, and your drivers happy.

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