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Providing simple, fair, and accessible electric vehicle charging

Clenergy EV's charging software allows complete oversight of all charge point assets you own or manage - all from one platform. We work using the open charge point protocol, providing a hardware agnostic solution to our clients.

Flexible and scalable for both for anyone's usage, we can support you to grow your own charger network, whatever your use case.

Providing simple, fair, and accessible electric vehicle charging

The Clenergy EV Driver App

Our EV driver app lets you locate, connect, and charge your electric vehicle instantly. Saving time, money, and the environment, one charge at a time.

By downloading our app, you can use our electric vehicle charging stations and benefit from various perks such as monitoring charging progress, reviewing charging history, and setting up charging schedules.

You can download our EV driver app on the App Store and Google Play, or use our web app through any browser.

Charging electric vehicle

Hardware agnostic to any OCPP charging station

Built with scalability and flexibility in mind, we allow charge point operators to build a charging network with the hardware that suits best

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Our charging mission is to provide simple, fair and accessible vehicle charging - all from one platform, for one cleaner planet.