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An EV installer configuring a new charge point installation. An EV installer configuring a new charge point installation.


Earn more for your installs and win bigger commercial clients by offering customers a trusted software package.


We provide ongoing support to give your customers EV charging benefits for life. And you can earn recurring revenue after the sale too.

Perform quick and easy installations with our engineer app to guide you through the simple onboarding and commissioning process. And our UK support team are on hand if you need any help.

Easily manage and maintain EV charging sites and networks through one powerful dashboard.

A bank of easy installation EV chargers

Earn long-term income

Increase revenue with efficient project management. Get notifications if charging stations go offline & resolve issues remotely using error reports and diagnostic tools.

Win more work

Use our dashboard to oversee private networks or view real-time data to assess which commercial charging stations are most profitable, where best to install more chargers, and much more.

Grey-haired man in a grey suit jacket and trousers charging his electric vehicle at a shopping complex car park against a sunset backdrop.

Give customers power, flexibility and control of their commercial networks

Our inbuilt charge point management system allows network owners and operators to future proof their business with the latest (OCPP) chargers for drivers' needs. As well as set multiple tariff groups to suit their business model.

As they grow, they'll benefit from load balancing, allowing six times as many chargers onsite, and expansion across borders with multiple languages and currencies. 

Electric car charging in a homely countryside setting.

Home EV charging at its best

You can help your customers transform their home charger into a smart hub that works with any energy supplier. They can save up to 75% on your cost per mile on any energy tariff, rent their charger out, and stay in control of their energy costs with in-app visuals of usage and itemised charge periods for expense receipts.

And installers can set up private networks to offer the above and use the inbuilt charge point management system to oversee it.

What our partners say

The product is easy to use and makes our customers happy 

Zicam Electrical Group

I would recommend Clenergy EV, a great product with great after-sales support

Crystal EV Charging

User-friendly front end with evolving tech to keep meeting clients EV charging needs

EV Connect

The app is simple to use


Clenergy EV offers bespoke services for different situations to suit our customers

e.park Solutions

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