What benefits are there with the open charge point network?

Some manufacturers use a closed protocol between the charge point and the software. Not only would you not have the flexibility as mentioned above but you would be tied to this manufacturer; other providers would not be able to communicate with the charge points.

In instances where the charge point provider (with closed protocol) provides a bad service or increases prices then you have two options:

1. Carry on using the provider and accept the prices increase with poorer service
2. Remove the charge points and replace with ones that use OCPP.

However, it is important that you choose TRUE OCPP devices as some manufacturers say that they have OCPP but this is actually from their software cloud and not directly from the charge points. Therefore in this instance you are still reliant on the manufacturer.


By installing OCPP compatible hardware (please see you EV Charger Hardware List on our business website) you can ensure an open network that allows you more future flexibility.

What hardware is OCPP compatible?

Please see the EV Charger Hardware List on our business website. This contains a list of all EV charger hardware that is compatible with our software, which gives you complete flexibility of your charger network management systems.