The Dynamic Purchase System allows public bodies like local authorities to access a list of trusted suppliers for quick and easy services related to a specific field of work - in this case charge point infrastructure services. 


An 'open market' solution, the Oxford framework DPS is designed to give buyers access to a pool of pre-qualified suppliers like Clenergy EV, who have already signed up to a comprehensive set of contractual and technical T&Cs, that are ORCs ready. This ensures the Further Competition process is less onerous to compile, with tender to award times as quick as ten days. 


The use of procurement frameworks to access services related to EVs and charge points is useful for local authorities to find the correct supplier quickly and securely.


Clenergy EV’s placement on the DPS covers the following lots and areas of expertise:


  • End to end / Turnkey services (Lot 1)
  • Network operation (Lot 2)
  • Maintenance and Inspection (Lots 3)
  • Installation, Construction and Commissioning (Lot 4)
  • Supply of one or more types of smart charging technologies (Lot 5)
  • Roaming Services / eMSPs (Lot 6)
  • Consultancy (Lot 7)
  • EV Energy storage solutions and capacity management (Lot 8)


If you would like to access Clenergy EV’s Charge Point Infrastructure Services using this framework, please contact us using the form below:

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