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Unlock the potential of EV Charging

You need a back-office software you can trust, with tools that allow you to monetise your charging stations long term.

Clenergy EV allows you to build your product by offering a full solution to your clients. This could include maintenance contracts, client support or additional installations.

Start building your brand, get more opportunities and win more work.

Build your EV charging empire

Grow your brand, win more work and earn long-term revenue.

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Flexible tariffs - with revenue for you

Start generating recurring revenue from your installs. Encourage good charging etiquette - set overstay charges to persuade drivers to move on, keeping utilisation rates high. Add on connection fees for high usage areas if needed, to offer exactly what your client wants.

Create more opportunities - for long-term income

Our smart system can notify you or the client when charging stations go offline. With error reports and remote diagnostic tools, some issues can be resolved remotely - without need of a site visit. Perfect for maintenance contracts you hold with your client.

Data and insights - to win more work and upsell

Track all the information and data from your charging stations, allowing you to make smart decisions. Have visibility of which charging stations are most used or earn the most money, and install new ones close by to expand your network. Or, use the data to recommend more installations to your client.

Expert support - from our EV charging experts

With our in-house support covering installation, commissioning and end users, we are always on hand to help - all from our UK based office. We are able to offer 24 hour telephone support for EV drivers along with email based support for any other queries. 

Charge point brand partners

Built with scalability and flexibility in mind, we allow charge point operators to build a charging network with the hardware that suits best. We're certified partners of the biggest brands in EV hardware.

"As a partner, Clenergy EV give us the support we need to continue growing our EV charging business. The Clenergy EV platform allows our end clients to use their charging stations through one easy-to-use app, setting tariffs as they see fit.

We pride ourselves in our first-class service and care when installing EV charging stations at Go Electric - we expect the same service from our partners, and that's exactly what we get from Clenergy EV."

Rebecca Sweeney -  Operations Management at Go Electric

Go Electric, Charging Station Installer

Charging a vehicle

Trusted Charge Point Onboarding and Support

By partnering with Clenergy EV, you can give your client peace of mind, working with a trusted EV brand.

Our platform can be used by your clients to start and monitor multiple chargers at the locations you've installed.

The Clenergy EV platform is used by over 50,000 drivers across the UK already. Our charging software can also track live charging sessions and provides detailed reporting for hundreds of organisations.


Want a more bespoke offering? Ask us about a whitelabel solution - grow your brand and win the biggest contracts, with our fully branded solution.

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