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The range of Rolec EV chargers
17 July 2023

Rolec EV chargers: what you need to know before you buy

Rolec EV Chargers: An Introduction

Renowned for its extensive array of electrical equipment, Rolec has earned a prominent name in the industry, particularly for its cutting-edge Rolec EV Chargers. With a rich legacy that spans over three decades, Rolec's innovative and comprehensive solutions in electrical connection, charging, and distribution equipment have played a pivotal role in shaping the future of the field.

Rolec's operations are divided into three distinct divisions - EV Charging, Marina Services, and Caravan Hook-Ups. At the heart of Rolec's ethos is a commitment to continual development, investment, and innovation, ensuring they deliver not just products, but high-quality, reliable solutions. 

Originally catering to the hospitality industry, Rolec's electricity pedestals for the caravan industry marked the beginning of their journey. The transition from these pedestals to EV charging pedestals was smooth, leading to the successful launch of their first EV charger in 2008.

Rolec EV Chargers: Ranges for home and business use

With a broad range of EV chargers, Rolec caters to the diverse needs of both businesses and homeowners. Rolec's entire EV charging line is fully compliant with UK Smart Charge point Regulation, ensuring the utmost safety and efficiency. The company offers an array of hardware options suitable for residential charging and workplace solutions.

If you’re looking for home charging options, you could consider:

  • WALLPOD: A wall-mounted charger providing up to 7.4kW of charging power, available in three sleek colours to complement your home's aesthetic.
  • ZURA: Perfect for premium uses such as apartment complexes, this charger offers up to 22kW of charging power. Customisable faceplates and dual charger sockets enhance its functionality.
  • QUBEV Smart: Recognised as one of the UK’s most cost-effective home chargers, this smart charger can be remotely controlled via a smartphone app and provides up to 22kW of charging power.

For commercial use, Rolec offers models compliant with Commercial charging regulations:

    • Quantum - An OCPP-compliant pedestal that pairs durability with a contemporary design. It features integrated LED lighting for increased visibility and PME fault detection, eliminating the need for an earth rod.
  • Securicharge -
    •  Ideal for exposed locations like workplaces and car parks due to its robust and vandal-resistant nature, this wall-mounted EV charge point provides reliable performance.
  • Ultracharge 160
  • - A cost-effective, ultra-rapid EV charging station with upgrade modules ranging from 20kw to 160kw, catering to public, fleet and highway EV infrastructure. This model can simultaneously charge two vehicles, adding to its convenience.


Locating Rolec EV Chargers

Rolec EV chargers are conveniently situated in diverse settings such as homes, workplaces, and public areas like car parks, shopping centres, and hotels. Their popularity can be attributed to their affordability, ease of installation, and extensive presence in the UK as one of the early pioneers in the EV marketplace.

How much do Rolec EV chargers cost?

Of course, the price of your Rolec EV charger can vary significantly depending on the range, and which supplier you decide to go for.

One of the largest retailers of Rolec EV Chargers is Rexel, who offer our software as an add-on to improve and future proof what the Rolec chargers can offer.

At the similarly named Rexel (wholesaler), those with an account can get discounts on chargers to reduce the cost.

Typical RRP of some models is as follows:

  • From £449 for the Rolec CUBEV Smart, dubbed 'The UK's most affordable home charger'.
  • From £900 for the Rolec Wallpod.
  • The same average price for Rolec EV Zura's.
  • The Rolec EV Quantum for businesses can range from anywhere between £1,500-£2,000.
  • The Rolec Autocharge is a similar price.

Those are just a few picks of typical pricing for Rolec EV chargers in their business and home charging ranges. For more precise pricing for business chargers, you can visit Rolec's website and enquire.

Rolec EV Charger App

Rolec's range of business chargers are OCPP compatible, meaning they can be used from any participating EV charging app.

Network operators who opt to install Rolec EV chargers can advertise their chargers on the Clenergy EV mapping systems, as well as our partners to reach over a million drivers based mainly across Europe.

And for those looking to install EV chargers at home, our smart software also offers full compatibility with the range of residential Rolec EV chargers.

Our CEO Will David even uses a Rolec Zura at home.

You can catch a glimpse at how this works, as well as learning how home charging software helped him save the equivalent of a luxury holiday annually in his recent article here.

Advantages of Rolec EV Chargers

Rolec EV chargers are renowned for their reliability, safety, and wide availability. For example, their products are weatherproof, flame retardant, and are Safety in the Home and CE certified.  Plus they come equipped with crucial safety features like overcurrent protection and earth leakage protection. Almost all wholesalers stock Rolec chargers due to their competitive pricing and widespread demand.

Rolec alternatives

If you're looking to check out other EV charging brands before buying, head through to our blog titled 'How to choose the best EV charger', where we list a range of well-regarded alternatives to Rolec EV chargers.


With all that in mind, you should be set to make an informed decision on whether you're interested in purchasing a Rolec EV charger for your home or business/organisation.

We've added a few other FAQs on the subject at the end of this article, however, if you still have some questions left over.

And if you're interested in learning more about EV charging best practises, and how to level up your EV charging either at home or for your business, feel free to head through to our resources section to check out our guides and explainers.

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