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Man using EV Roaming app to charge their electric vehicle.
02 May 2024

What is EV Roaming? A breakdown for drivers

EV roaming is the latest EV industry development, which uses interconnectivity to allow EV drivers to charge across multiple public charging networks using a single RFID card, fob, or EV Roaming app. Our Head of Roaming Lewis Jenkins breaks down the feature in greater detail for drivers below.

What is EV Roaming?


When it comes to EVs, it’s easy to get bogged down in the technical terms and abbreviations. While EV roaming may sound like another industry buzzword, in reality it’s a simple concept that offers huge benefits for the average EV driver.

EV roaming refers to the ability to use a single card or app to charge across multiple devices on the public network.

It’s designed to work like your mobile phone when you go abroad - you can use your device across multiple providers, and still have it working as normal.

That’s exactly the case with roaming in EV. Driving with EV roaming companies frees you from juggling multiple apps and the anxiety of being unsure whether a charging station will take your preferred card or app.

What does EV Roaming mean for EV drivers?


Access 250,000 chargers across Europe

For the EV driver on the Clenergy EV network, our EV roaming solution means you’re able to use your Clenergy app or RFID card to charge across a much broader network of EV chargers on the continent.

There’s nothing for our drivers to change or enable - all you have to do is download the Clenergy EV app, and you're good to go, with around 250,000 additional chargers should be available for you to use by our EV roaming launch date on 5th February.

No more juggling apps

Since the rollout of our public charging infrastructure began, EV drivers have often been left having to use multiple different apps and cards just to get a charge at public stations.

EV roaming helps remove this frustration from the EV charging experience, setting you free to join the 97% of drivers that love their vehicle, without seeing charging as a drawback. 

Easy expensing when driving for work

For those using Clenergy EV to drive their workplace electric vehicle, you’re able to gain all the benefits of EV roaming too.

Ending worries of off-site availability, you can use your Clenergy EV RFID card or app to get a charge across any of our 250,000 chargers on the public network, with easy billing and expenses sent directly to your fleet manager through our back-office systems so that you no longer have to keep track of your receipts when driving for work.

EV Roaming cost

EV Roaming is typically available as a free bonus for those using EV charging apps. While there may be some additional cost on chargers depending on the agreement between networks, the additional choice of chargers that roaming brings often means that you're able to make charging cheaper with more chargers to choose from.

The impact of EV roaming on public charging


EV roaming benefits our public charging rollout by improving the experience for drivers. It requires industry collaboration (often between competitors), but ultimately it proves that your network is putting the driver experience first. 

Without EV roaming deals, the impact of commonly cited issues and EV sticking points like charge and range anxiety is greater. With roaming, you’re essentially offered a definitive answer to charge anxiety, with the ability to choose from as many as 250,000 available chargers meaning you’re rarely more than a few miles away from a charger.

Combine this with basic journey planning, and you’re almost certainly not going to be left stranded on the round - especially if you pair your public network charges with charging at home.

The Clenergy EV Offering: Free Home EV Charging Software


Our EV roaming feature is also included in our at-home EV charging software offering. Alongside accessing all the above benefits from our driver app, partnering with our free EV home charger software means you’ll also be able to:


Save Money

  • Increase savings by scheduling nighttime charging, engaging in future energy supplier demand flexibility programmes, and staying informed about new smart features.
  • Cut costs per mile by up to 75% through affordable nighttime tariffs at home.

Make Money

  • Apply varied tariffs on your charger and rent out your driveway to friends, family, or neighbours.
  • Make the most of upcoming features like Vehicle to Grid, enabling you to charge your car with inexpensive nighttime energy and sell it back to energy providers during peak demand.
Turn your home charger into the extraordinary