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We are delighted to work with two companies that share the same ideals as us when it comes to clean energy - Easee and TLGEC.
09 March 2023

Enabling residential charging at high-end apartment blocks - with Easee and TLGEC

At Clenergy EV, we are delighted to work with two companies that share the same ideals as us when it comes to clean energy - Easee and The Little Green Energy Company. The companies have collaborated with one shared goal, to simplify eco-friendly charging for the Royal Sands Development.

Over the past 12 months, 40 charge points have been installed at the residence, powered by Clenergy EV charge point software.

The installer of charge points - The Little Green Energy Company

TLGEC is an award-winning renewable energy installer that has worked on multiple EV charge point projects in the past 18 months. One of the developments was the Royal Sands apartments  in Ramsgate.

During the project, TLGEC carried out the installation of Easee charging robots across underground parking bays at the new residential estate.

The hardware - Easee charging robots

TLGEC had specified Easee charge points for this particular installation. Easee’s Charging Robot utilises all available electrical capacity through its dynamic load management system. When several Charging Robots are connected to the same fuse, the available current on the course will be distributed automatically and dynamically between the units. All connected cars can therefore be charged at the same time with the innovative Easee solution.

Thanks to Clenergy EV integrating with the Easee Cloud, the onboarding process was simplified for TLGEC to a simple drop down option on the Easee Cloud administration portal.

The end client - a residential developer and management agent

Royal Sands is a unique development of 33 luxury apartments positioned on Ramsgate beach front, with panoramic views across the English Channel. Tenants benefit from the development of local hospitality and retail facilities situated on the beachside promenade. This development also comprises private and secure underground parking for each apartment, each with a charging point if required.

How do you enable private charge points in shared car park?

One of the key goals of the project was to fulfil the needs of property owners and tenants, ensuring simplified charge point access and effortless payment systems between shared residents. In addition, there was also the need for the new-build apartments to be eco-friendly.

Therefore the charge point software solution needed to provide:

  • Easy use of the charge points for residents.
  • Fully tracked payment methods for residents.
  • Their own private charger, to be available for them only.

The landlord of the property also needed to be given full visibility of the charge points. They are the energy supplier at the location, and needed the following

  • Full track of energy costs and ability to set charger tariffs.
  • Easy reimbursement of charge point income from the charge point management system.
  • Maintenance logs from the charge point to ensure they are always available to residents.

Charge points connected to the Clenergy EV software platform

The Clenergy EV platform was chosen by TLGEC to best serve the needs of both the property agents and that of the EV Drivers at the residence. 

Our EV Driver app allows tenants to monitor energy usage and set up a dedicated payment account where they can easily track both costs and rate of charge, in real time. Tenants can also start a charge with an RFID. By utilising the “closed user groups” on the Clenergy EV app, tenants can ensure the charge point allocated to them in the car park is only used by them.

For the managing agent at Royal Sands, they now have full visibility of the charge point units in their residential car park. At the end of each month they are reimbursed all income that derives from the charge points - and they only receive notifications if the chargers have faulted and issues that can’t be resolved by Clenergy EV’s dedicated support staff.

Clenergy EV were delighted to work with all parties on this project to provide simple, fair and accessible charging - from one platform, for one greener planet.