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Can I make money from my electric charge point?

Can I make money from my electric charge points?

Charge points can be set up with a variety of different tariff models, allowing charge point owners to either recover cost, or generate a profit. When set at a sensible level, a profit can be generated whilst the charge point remains attractive to drivers as a much cheaper alternative to traditional fuels.

It largely depends on what the charge point owner is trying to achieve - a "destination" charger may offer free charging, to entice visitors to our shopping centre, for instance. However a charging "hub" on a major road network may charge a premium due to the convenience of charging when on a large journey.

Can home owners earn money from charge points?

Home charging is usually a cost saving exercise, but there are ways home owners can generate income too. Companies like Co Charger have developed a platform for home owners that have charge points. 

It is unique community charging scheme giving motorists with chargers the opportunity to share them with a few neighbours, enabling them to change to an EV sooner.

Find out more on the Co Charger website: