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The Cost to Charge Your Electric Car

How much does it cost to charge my car?

This completely depends on your car and the price per kWh that a charge point operator charges. If you’re charging at home, the price per kWh depends on your electricity provider. The calculation of this is to times the size of your battery (kWh) and the cost of electricity (pence per kWh). 


Look into off-peak charging options. Charging after 10pm would be cheaper than charging at 6pm, when most people arrive home from work.

Rapid Charge vs Regular Charging

As a rule, rapid charge stations will be more expensive per KWh than other options.

Similar to petrol and diesel fuel, pricing for charge will also be more expensive at service stations on busy motorways. 

Plan in advance

One of the main benefits of an EV is cheaper fuel costs. To maximise this, plan long journeys ahead to ensure you only stop at cheaper charge points.

The Clenergy EV app on Android and App Store. is available to download and shows you which charge points are available before your journey. T