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Is the range of electric vehicles short?

How far can I travel in my electric car?

The range of Electric Vehicles is vastly improving year-on-year due to advancements in battery technology. However, the some vehicles have larger batteries than others, in the same way ICE vehicles vary by model - a smaller hatchback will always do fewer miles compared to a large saloon car.


Despite this, it's now common for EVs to have a range of over 200 miles in total. This number is still lower in comparison to similar petrol vehicles, but the numbers are getting ever closer. The vast majority of journeys made in cars are under 20 miles, so the battery packs of EVs are easily enough for the majority of drivers.

How many miles can an electric vehicle go without charging?

It can depend on the type of car and the style of driving, much in the same way the range of ICE vehicles vary. The essentials are to be light on the accelerator and don't run air conditioning or heaters if you can help it


Please see our section on How to optimise my EV's range for more details.


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