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My charge won't start - what should I do?

What actions can you take to get a charge working on a public EV Charge Point? Below are some suggestions to get you started.

Is your car locked?

A common issue with certain car models is that the vehicle needs to be locked to start the charge correctly. This is easy enough to remedy.


Are you using keyless entry for your vehicle? This can complicate matters if your car isn't charging because it is currently unlocked. It means you'll have to step-up away from the vehicle for a short while until it charges. This is more common in some car models and makes than others.

Do you have a charging schedule on your car or vehicle?

If you charge your EV at home, you may use a charging schedule which is set on your vehicle dashboard. This means you can benefit from off-peak energy rates late at night or in the early hours of the morning.


When at a public charge point, this charging schedule will still be running even if you plug into the charge point and hit "start charging" on the Clenergy EV application. The app will register a correct authorisation direct from the charging point itself after your car is plugged in, but the vehicle will refuse to charge.


To remedy you'll need to remove this charging schedule on your car dashboard.


If you rely on charging schedules, make sure you only remove it on that instance - not permanently.

Do you have any charging locations set?

Some vehicles have a charge location, similar to charge schedule -and they'll only register a charge if their connected to a trusted charge point. Just make sure the Clenergy EV charge point you're at is on your allowed list.

Reset your car dashboard

Sometimes the cables won't register as being connected when you attempt to start a charge. If you're confident in all other avenues, then try simply resetting your car dashboard. 

How to start a charge - RFID Card
Call for 24/7 support

Are you still having trouble? Clenergy EV have a 24/7 support for any EV driver stuck at our charge points, available on +44 (0) 3330 129095.