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Where can I find more information on Electric Vehicles?

Do my local garages and dealerships know much about EVs?

Your local garage should have sufficient information on the latest electric vehicles which are already available or upcoming in the near future. This will be brand dependent on the dealership you are visiting. 


Due to the increase in demand for electric cars, most dealerships have trained staff members on the latest trends within the EV marketplace. They are best placed to offer advice - but bear in mind they do have a specific type of car they want to sell, so my not be impartial.

What information can I find online?

Each car manufacturer will have information on their website about both their current electric cars which are available, or ones which are upcoming.


A good general overview of all vehicles, regardless of manufacturer, can be found on This website lists all EVs currently available on the market in the UK and allows you to sort by specific criteria. For example, you can search for vehicles by:


  • Top speed
  • Battery size
  • Range
  • Efficiency
  • Price


You can then find more indepth information at your local car dealership as needed.