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Charge points at Copr Bay’s Swansea Arena show
01 March 2022

Charge points at Copr Bay’s Swansea Arena

Clenergy EV install charge points for Swansea Arena, at Copr Bay

Clenergy EV is delighted to install multiple EV charge points for the soon-to-be-completed Swansea Arena, at Copr Bay. Capacity for 10 electric vehicle charge points will be available ready for the Arena opening in March. The destination chargers at the Arena will be available for all electric vehicle drivers via the Clenergy EV app or guest checkout.

The charge points themselves are manufactured by Schneider Electric, allowing contactless RFID card payment for ease-of-use. The chargers are part of Copr Bay’s net-zero and sustainability commitments, which are strongly supported by Swansea Council.

The installed chargers will allow more charging opportunities for both residents and visitors to Swansea, in addition to the locations already installed and operated by Clenergy EV for Swansea Council. A wider rollout of chargers across the city will take place in later 2022.

Andrea Lewis, the council’s joint deputy leader and cabinet member for climate change and service transformation, said:

“We’re delighted that our plans for EV charging points in this new car park have been delivered. They complement the growing number of other charging points around the city.”

“We’ve installed more than 30 across the area and aim to continue installing them, including 30 in Copr Bay’s north-side car park when it opens in the coming months.

“We’re also investigating the feasibility – and funding options - of developing a city centre charging hub which would be available to multiple users including taxis.”

“These measures – and others - will help us in our aim to make Swansea Net Zero by 2050.”

Will David, CEO of Clenergy EV, said:

“We are happy to support Swansea's aim of becoming Net Zero by 2050. To do that we must ensure that charging opportunities readily exist across the county.”

“These chargers give EV Drivers in Wales a chance to top-up their vehicles whilst attending incredible events in the new Arena.”

“The need to transition to electric vehicles is of the utmost importance for our environment and it’s fantastic to see new developments like Copy Bay leading the way.”

Swansea Arena sits as the crowning jewel within the £135m regeneration scheme Copr Bay - located next to the famous Swansea Marina and beachfront. The multi-purpose Arena will host multiple events on opening in March 2022, from musical entertainment to esports tournaments and business conferences.

Copr Bay itself is undergoing its own transformation and will also be receiving their own set of electric vehicle charge points in the near future, in the north-side car park of the development.