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Man in bobble hat charging EV car in the open air
19 December 2023

EV News Round-Up: 50K UK Public EV Chargers, and EV Etiquette?

£1 Million Investment Powers Up EV Charging Network in Popular Welsh Tourist County

First off this week, we saw another win for Wales' EV charging infrastructure as Carmarthenshire has recently made a commendable commitment to sustainability by investing £1 million in public EV charging points. This move will benefit tourists and support residents alike as the picturesque region places itself firmly on the eco-tourism map by unveiling a network of EV charging points strategically spaced every seven miles. 

Delighted to note that the majority of the council's public charge points are on the Clenergy EV platform. 

With the availability of charging points at regular intervals throughout Carmarthenshire, the concern over range anxiety is effectively eliminated. 

By integrating sustainability into its tourism approach, the county is not only catering to the rising demand for EVs but also positioning itself as a forward-thinking destination and an ideal location for eco-conscious road trippers. The investment in EV charging infrastructure sends a strong message to environmentally conscious travellers that the county is committed to reducing carbon emissions and promoting a greener future. 

And the benefits of this investment extend beyond tourism. Local businesses stand to gain from the increased visitor numbers, with more tourists likely to spend money on accommodation, dining, and attractions. This boost in economic activity can have a positive ripple effect, creating job opportunities and stimulating the local economy.

Carmarthenshire's forward-thinking investment in EV charging points serves as a shining example for other regions. Highlighting the importance of accessible and widespread charging infrastructure in promoting a greener future.

Tune into our case studies section of the website to see a soon-to-be-published full case study of how the council has achieved its EV charging success. 


UK Achieves Milestone with 50,000 Public Charge Points for EVs

As we close out 2023 the UK has reached another significant milestone in its transition to EVs with the installation of over 50,000 public charge points across the country. The figures using data from the Department for Transport (DfT) and Zapmap show the accomplishment marks a 44% increase compared to 2022, demonstrating the rapid growth in EV infrastructure. 

The DfT added that these numbers show the county is ‘on track’ for the Government's target of having 300,000 public charge points by 2030, aligning with its overarching goal of zero-emission vehicles by 2035.

Forecourt trader reported on the figures, noting that the UK is outpacing the EU average, with electric vehicles capturing 16% of the car market, higher than the EU average of 13%. 

To bolster this progress, we've also seen this year the Government plans to initiate consultations on cost-effective charge point installations, broaden permitted development rights, and increase funding for local charging infrastructure. As well as recent regulations mandating prices across charge points are transparent and easy to compare, and a large proportion of new public charge points have contactless payment options. All enacted to ensure transparency and ease of use for the public.

This surge in EV infrastructure has not only stimulated substantial investment in gigafactories and EV manufacturing but has also resulted in a notable number of nearly 350,000 privately owned electric cars on UK roads. The accelerating popularity of EVs among the general public aligns with the government's ambitious targets, solidifying the UK's commitment to a greener, more sustainable future.


EV Charging Etiquette: Navigating Power-Ups at Friends' and Family's Homes This Christmas

As the festive season is upon us, The Express reported on a recent study by Direct Line Motor Insurance which sheds light on the charging challenges faced by EV owners during visits with friends and family.

Surprisingly, 23% of EV owners have been turned down when seeking a charge at others' homes. With Christmas cheer in mind, etiquette expert Grant Harrold offers timely tips to smooth out EV charging etiquette. 

Harrold suggests EV owners ensure their vehicles are fully charged before arriving, communicate with hosts in advance about charging needs, and even consider paying for the electricity used. 

The study reveals that 46% of Brits are open to letting guests charge their EVs without hesitation, but emphasises the need for courteous communication and sustainable practices during the holiday travel season. 

If you need to charge up this Christmas with your host, don’t forget your EV etiquette!


Santa Visits Clenergy EV Offices

We can’t go without sharing the latest visit from public figure Santa Claus to the Clenergy EV offices last Friday.

The legendary holiday figure caught wind of our end-of-year gathering, and showed up to deliver Secret Santa presents to our Pencoed office.

Key gifts included electric (of course) fly zappers, a 2023 calendar (come on, Santa!) and a raft of slippers and smellies.

We wished Mr Claus all the best for the big day and promised to provide the software backing for any future investment in electric sleighs for himself or his worker fleet.


That’s it from the Clenergy EV news desk for 2023. Thanks for reading the news along with us this year. We look forward to seeing you back in the new year, with more electrifying news round-ups as we look to make 2024 the biggest year of EV growth yet.

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