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Man standing in background of EV vehicle being charged
04 December 2023

EV News Round-Up: More EV Charging on Motorways and more

Move Into The Future with The London EV Show 2023

We can’t let the round-up of last week’s news pass without focusing in on the UK’s biggest EV show. The London EV show took place at the ExCel on 28-30 November. We enjoyed all three days of the expo enormously and the event certainly delivered its theme ‘Move into the Future’  with plenty of showcases of innovation and excitement for the future of e-mobility. The show saw more than 10,000 EV-passionate attendees taking over a 15,000 sqm expo floor at ExCel London over the three days, bringing together enthusiasts and industry players to showcase the latest technologies in the ever-evolving automotive market.

There were both vehicle and infrastructure reveals with breakthrough technologies and a host of newly launched electric cars, including the unveiling of new fully electric vehicles such as DAF unveiling their brand new New Generation DAF XB series. And you couldn't miss the pair of Porche Taycan Turbo S’s with a camping tent on top! We also saw Transport for London (TFL) revealing their new plans to deploy electric vehicle (EV) ultra-rapid charging hubs across London. Alex Gilbert, Head of Energy and Electrification; Commercial Development at Places for London, a TFL property company, explained five ultra-rapid charging hubs are to be built. These upcoming hubs mark Transport for London's inaugural introduction of ‘ultra’ charging stations. With an additional 20 hubs in the pipeline, the organisation aspires to deploy a total of 60 such facilities throughout the city by the decade's end.

Within the event, there was also a full agenda of guest speakers and panel discussions that took place over the three days. One such discussion on stage addressed overcoming barriers to the EV transition, following the recently agreed Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) mandate in the UK Parliament. Ben Nelmes, CEO at New AutoMotive, highlighted challenges beyond supply, such as consumer preferences and second-hand market viability. The 'UK Net Zero Emission scenario by 2050' panel suggested a mindset shift in grid regulation, urging the National Grid to proactively build capacity ahead of demand. And initiatives to accelerate infrastructure build times were welcomed. Chris Ashley of the Road Haulage Association emphasised embracing interim solutions, like low-carbon fuels, for immediate decarbonization benefits.

With all of this in mind, it proved an event not to be missed by anyone passionate about the future of transportation. As the motor industry undergoes a massive step-change, the show offers a unique opportunity to witness the evolution firsthand, making it an essential experience for those invested in sustainable mobility and the future of driving.


New planning rules to bring more charging stations to UK motorways

Changes to planning legislation set out in Jeremy Hunt’s Autumn Budget Statement will mean a massive infrastructure boost due to new planning rules and reforms to the grid connection process. The measures were set out by The Chancellor having pledged £2 billion worth of investment to support the automotive industry transition to net zero. WhatCar? reported that the new legislation should let motorway services upgrade electrical capacity and install more high-speed chargers. 

FleetNews noted how this support is expected to go far in removing the biggest barrier to EV adoption, one that hasn't yet gone away, and that is range anxiety. Demonstrating drivers' range anxiety remains, the Express reported on research by Wagonex that found 43 per cent of road users are concerned about running out of battery behind the wheel of an EV. This is perhaps not surprising when a recent study from the RAC cited that just 23 per cent of the UK’s 119 motorway service stations in England have reached the Government’s target of at least six EV charging bays by the end of 2023. These new measures are expected to make that target a reality. 


New e-Roaming alliances and Clenergy EV's enhanced contactless payment experience pave the way for seamless EV charging experiences 

We made it into the news ourselves last week. With various articles reporting on our announcement of new strategic Charge Point Operator (CPOs) partnerships into our European e-roaming network, taking Clenergy EV a noteworthy step forward towards enhancing charging accessibility for millions of drivers across the continent. 

Covered by Charged EV Fleet & Infrastructure news and EV in Focus. The new e-roaming partners include Shell Recharge, Total, Ionity, Osprey, ChargePoint, EVBox and Powerdot, among many others. Clenergy customers can now take advantage of 250,000 charge points across 42 countries in Europe using the Clenergy EV app, their bank card, Apple or Google Pay, or a pre-loaded Clenergy card in case of a wifi blackspot.

And particularly exciting is the introduction of contactless payment partnerships with Payter and Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) allowing users to make touch-free payments to streamline the driver experience with the full transaction details available, as well as an instant receipt.

As we contribute to the expansion of the e-roaming alliance, alongside easier and more convenient payment options. We foresee a hassle-free and technologically advanced EV charging landscape becoming increasingly tangible. Creating an environment where charging your EV is not just a necessity but a seamless and enjoyable part of the journey.

Will David, CEO and founder of Clenergy EV explained: “A seamless public EV charging experience is vital for any driver making the switch to electric. Any organisation rolling out public EV infrastructure, or transitioning a fleet to electric, will want to ensure that its EV software partner is actively facilitating eRoaming and contactless payment. 

By working collaboratively, taking charge and opening up the public charge point network, the EV eRoaming and CPI partnerships are giving drivers' greater flexibility - which will, in turn, will help to further accelerate the adoption of commercial and consumer electric vehicles. At Clenergy we stand for innovating to create better EV solutions for the future, and these partnerships are an example of that in practice.”

That's it for this week's EV news round-up. If you’re interested in learning more about the UK’s EV charging rollout, and how EV charging software can help in our collective transition in line with the net zero transport push, make sure to head through to our blogs and news sections to learn more.

Alternatively, you can fill out the form below to get in touch with our team, who can provide a low-commitment demonstration of what our smart charging software and services can do for you.