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24 April 2024

EV News Round-Up: UK ‘most-suited’ for electrification, and $200m Ferrari ‘e-facility’

UK Named the Most-Suited Market for Electrification in Europe

Geotab’s report "Taking Charge: An In-Depth Look at EV Trends" shows that the UK has emerged as the most suitable market for EVs across Europe. 

The analysis contained driver data from 1.3 million vehicles across seven countries over 12 months. It reported 66% of UK vehicles (cars and vans) are deemed to be ready to go electric, therefore singled out as by far the most ‘EV suitable’ market in Europe, comparing favourably to Canada (with an EV suitability of 50%), Spain (43%), the United States (38%), Germany (35%), Italy (28%), France (20%). 

The report, a collaborative effort between industry leaders and researchers uses real-world telematics data to paint a vivid picture of the EV market's trajectory. It found the potential cost savings over seven years of switching to electric for British drivers is £13,279.

And for fleets, the savings equate to £876,414 on a large fleet of 100 vehicles. As well as the potential to reduce 2.2 billion gallons of fuel from conventional vehicles while avoiding approximately 19 million metric tons of CO2 emissions over the next seven years. 

The study also looked back on 2023 witnessing a historic milestone with approximately 7.2 million EVs sold worldwide. Central to this surge is the exponential growth of charging infrastructure. The number of public charging stations now exceeds 11 million globally, providing EV drivers with increased convenience and confidence in their charging capabilities. This expansion of charging infrastructure is crucial in alleviating range anxiety and accelerating the mainstream acceptance of EVs.

David Savage, VP for the UK and Ireland at Geotab, said: “The idea that the UK is not ready for mass EV adoption is a fallacy.

“On the contrary, it’s time for British businesses to ‘double down’ on fleet electrification – not just for the good of the environment and our collective climate goals but for their bottom line. A visionary CEO of a business operating a vehicle fleet could effectively pay their own salary by going electric, thanks to EVs’ financial savings.”

Norway's EV Market Achieves Record-Breaking 91.5% Share

Norway continues to lead the charge in the global shift towards electric mobility, with EVs capturing a staggering 91.5% share of the country's automotive market. This milestone cements Norway's position as a trailblazer in sustainable transportation and sets a compelling example for nations worldwide.

Norway’s statistics bureau, OFV data, reveals that 9 out of every 10 vehicles sold in Norway are electric. The most popular vehicle was the Tesla Model Y, maintaining its leading position as Norway’s best-selling vehicle.

With EVs dominating the Norwegian market, the momentum behind electric mobility shows no signs of slowing down. March saw plug-in EVs achieve a 91.5% market share, a marginal increase from 91.1% the previous year.

Setting global records for EV volume sales reflects the nation's ambitious efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change. This achievement is reported to be fueled by a combination of robust government incentives, extensive charging infrastructure, and a supportive regulatory environment that incentivises EV adoption.

The surge in EV sales is a testament to Norway's commitment to environmental stewardship and the growing demand for clean transportation solutions. As other countries strive to emulate their success, the Norwegian model can act as a blueprint for accelerating the transition towards a greener automotive future demonstrating that ambitious targets for EV adoption are attainable.

Ferrari Accelerates Towards Electrification with State-of-the-Art ‘e-facility’

In a bold move towards embracing electrification, Ferrari has announced the establishment of a cutting-edge ‘e-facility’ in Maranello, Italy, signalling the luxury automaker's commitment to shaping the future of high-performance EVs. 

This strategic initiative shows Ferrari's determination and commitment to maintain its position at the forefront of automotive innovation. The newly unveiled facility will serve as the epicentre of Ferrari's electrification efforts, housing research and development labs, testing facilities, and production lines dedicated to EV components.

It represents a significant investment by Ferrari, with reports indicating a staggering budget of over $200 million allocated towards the development of advanced electric drivetrains and battery technologies. 

The grand opening is dated June 21, as Ferrari Chief Executive, Benedetto Vigna disclosed at the company’s annual general meeting. He said, 

“This state of the art plant will assure us of flexibility and technical capacity in excess of our needs for years to come. Here, we will handcraft the dedicated electric axles and batteries that will power future Ferraris.”

By leveraging its expertise in high-performance engineering, Ferrari aims to redefine the boundaries of electric performance, promising to deliver exhilarating driving experiences synonymous with the brand's storied legacy.

The announcement has generated considerable excitement among automotive enthusiasts and industry insiders, with expectations running high for Ferrari's future electric offerings. With the E-Facility poised to spearhead Ferrari's electrification journey, the luxury automaker is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of electric performance vehicles.

British Firm Unveils Groundbreaking EV Conversion Kit for Classic Defender

In another exciting development for classic car enthusiasts and EV aficionados alike, a British company has launched a pioneering EV conversion kit tailored specifically for the iconic Land Rover Defender. This innovation marks a significant step towards modernising beloved vintage vehicles while reducing their environmental impact.

The conversion kit, showcased in a collaboration between Bedeo and Twisted Automotive, seamlessly integrates electric power into the timeless design of the Defender. With a powerful electric motor and cutting-edge battery technology, the converted Defender boasts impressive performance metrics, including a range of up to 200 miles on a single charge and acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.6 seconds.

Notably, the conversion kit retains the classic aesthetic and rugged charm of the Defender while offering the benefits of zero-emission driving and reduced maintenance costs. This blend of heritage and innovation has captured the attention of automotive enthusiasts worldwide, signalling a promising future for EV conversions in the classic car market.

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