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Image of EV with a Simpsons & Partners EV charge point on a wall of a house.
15 February 2024

Home EV Charging: Style Meets Practicality With Simpsons & Partners Collaboration

We’ve partnered with cutting-edge EV charger company Simpsons & Partners so S&P owners can combine style with practicality across their Home Series chargers.

Our smart software will now work across these sleek chargers to provide the best in EV charging, letting S&P owners save money, claim expenses, and make money from one
smart hub.

Save Money

S&P owners using our home charging software will be able to save money as much as £2,000 a year on their at-home EV charging, using our app to schedule charges for cheaper
off-peak times.

We recently explained some of the potential of this feature in a blog post linked here, alongside covering some of the best EV tariffs available to help drivers reduce their cost per
mile by up to 75%.

Claim Expenses

We’re making balancing budgets easier, giving S&P owners access to in-app visuals of real-time energy usage, and itemised charge receipts to help expense claims.

Make Money

Why keep your charger to yourself? With Clenergy EV’s home charging software, you can turn your home charger into a money-making tool by setting tariffs to allow friends, family, and neighbours to use your charger at a rate of your choice.

The benefits don't just stop at owners charging at home; Clenergy EV is also compatible with S&P's Business Series range.

We’ve talked time and time again about why EV charging software is a must for all businesses and organisations managing their EV transition, as well as the issues that those managing sites and vehicles may face. But it doesn’t have to be a chore!

Why not do it in style, with Clenergy Connected S&P chargers to deliver all the transition benefits while strengthening your brand?

EVs parked alongside EV chargepoints outside a work office

Simpson & Partners Business Series Range

By choosing Clenergy EV-backed chargers, businesses transitioning their own vehicles can benefit from huge cost-saving and CO2 reduction potential. And if you’re looking to provide EV charging as an employee benefit, we offer the ability to set multiple tariff groups for staff, the public, with the ability to advertise chargers to millions of drivers on our network to turn your car park into a dynamic investment.

S&P director Mandy Simpson had this to say about our latest partnership:

“Partnering with Clenergy EV helps our owners capitalise on stylish EV chargers that enhance their own brand style and get a seamless feature rich charging experience. It’s a win-win.

“It means that our charging eco system offers future-proofed ownership and choice in the way owners want to manage their chargers and take advantage of EV’s many exciting innovations.”

“S&P have never been about world domination and closed software systems. OCPP integration with Clenergy has been part of our roadmap to help deliver affordable, quality EV chargers.”

Our CEO and founder Will David added:

“The chargers just look great, don’t they?”

“I’m a big fan of the understated design, and on the technology side there’s loads to be excited about.”

“The partnership with S&P means that owners can get the most of their chargers, and enjoy the best in EV charging without having to compromise on looks.”

Visit the Simpsons & Partners site to browse their range of innovative EV chargers, and make sure to register your interest here if you’re looking to back your home charger with Clenergy EV software to make your charging experience extraordinary.