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28 June 2024

Product Update: Admin Platform Revamp

As many of our customers will know, we’ve made a few simple changes to our admin dashboard.

We’re always looking for ways to improve the user experience on our platforms, and these changes have been designed to do just that.

But what have we changed? Let’s take a look at the updates.

Network oversight

Clenergy EV platform update

Network status provides oversight for your network's present availability and utilisation, with easy-to-read visuals for an instant summary.

Performance Insights

Clenergy EV platform update

Your network's performance is displayed graphically with key performance indicators, such as revenue generated, transactions and energy usage to monitor your growth.  

Reliability Tracking

Clenergy EV platform update

At a glance visuals of reliability metrics provide a measure of availability such as system and network availability, allowing you to maintain a reliable network for your drivers.

That’s our latest update on the Clenergy EV admin platform. Be sure to stay plugged into our socials and website to keep up to date with future updates and continuous improvements as we make them.