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22 September 2022

Supporting FairCharge’s call for a cut in VAT for EV Drivers

Fairer taxation on public charge points

Clenergy EV has undersigned a letter delivered by FairCharge to Downing Street, calling for fairer taxation on public EV charge points.

Along with 22 other leading businesses in the EV charging space, the letter states the case for cutting the VAT level on public charge points to 5% - the same as it is for drivers charging their vehicles at home.


VAT on public charge points

The current tax sits at 20%, which means drivers relying only on public charge points pay 15% extra taxation every time they need to recharge. This is in addition to the uncapped energy prices paid for at commercial premises, as well as costs to cover the charge point operator maintenance costs and support.

There is also car parking cost or parking permits, which again furthers the financial burden on those driver who do not have a driveway with an EV charger at home.

A failure to act fundamentally harms the UK's green ambitions and net-zero targets - which is why Clenergy EV and our CEO Will David has undersigned the letter to the current Chancellor of the Exchequer, Kwasi Kwarteng MP.

The full letter can be found here: Calling on the UK government to end unfair VAT rates on public charging