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What is Workplace Charging?

Workplace charging consists of electric vehicle charging stations that employees have at work, such as an office, warehouse, airport, or café.

They’re an important part of the electric vehicle charging infrastructure and offer the opportunity to charge at times when the power grid has spare capacity. They also provide charging opportunities to staff members who may not have access to charging stations at home. Due to most full-time worker hours being 9am-5pm, workplace charging allows for a long dwell time, perfect for lower cost and fast AC charging of up to 22kW.

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Charge point software platform

Do I need charge point software for my workplace?

Yes, for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it provides a method for staff to access workplace charging and then pay for the electricity received. Charge Point software allows employers to control this transaction - from setting the cost of each kWh for general usage, to more bespoke settings. For example, drivers of company vehicles could charge for free versus other staff members. A reimbursement policy can also be set up.

Charge Point software that’s hardware agnostic can also allow for different charging station brands to be housed in one platform. This is important long-term, where negative experiences with pre-packaged hardware/software packages may want you to switch suppliers. But proprietary software will often mean vendor lock-in - where you can't shop around for potential alternatives.

Best Workplace Charging App Experience for Your Staff

You have a set of workplace EV chargers installed - but now you need a back-office software provider to ensure the end-user experience is the best it can be. Clenergy EV’s powerful charge point management system will ensure your workplace charging is available to your staff for both private and company-owned vehicles. Using our easily accessible app, available on the App Store and Google Play Store, EV drivers can easily start a charge. You can also use an RFID card to get charging.

Using our easy accessible app, on the App Store and Play Store, EV drivers can easily start a charge. You can also use an RFID card to get charging

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Full Reporting of Your Workplace Charging

Get detailed reports on the usage of your workplace charging stations.

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Number of Charging Sessions

Track every charging session that occurs, including charge duration and power drawn, for your own data analysis. Reports can be generated to implement further workplace EV chargers at a later date.

Generate Income

See incoming revenue in real-time, from tariffs set up by yourself or on your behalf by our specialist team. At the end of each calendar month, we make a payment to the workplace charging owner for the transactions that have occurred.

Carbon Savings

Track CO2 savings and comply with sustainability objectives or commitments. Our monthly reports provide a CO2 calculation based on the equivalent ICE journey that would be taken, instead of an electric vehicle journey.

Charger Maintenance Reports

Automated notifications if your workplace EV chargers fault or go offline, allowing you to focus on your core business. Workplace EV charger maintenance reports can be sent to an external electrical or maintenance team if required.

Detailed Error Reports

Using our charge point platform, workplace EV charging owners can pull diagnostic reports from charging stations to remedy issues. These can then be passed to maintenance teams as required or even be troubleshooted remotely. Some issues can be resolved remotely or by a simple power cycle.

OZEV Compliant Workplace Charging

Ensure compliance with the Office of Zero Emission of Vehicles (OZEV) for charge point grants with our workplace EV charging reporting. Our simplified report can be generated on an as-needed basis by your workplace charging administration team to help you qualify for grants and other incentives.

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Encourage Staff to Switch to Electric Vehicles

Encourage your staff to adopt electric vehicles with our workplace charging solutions. Offer EV charging to your employees with discounted tariff ratings as an employee benefit. We can also provide free charging at the point of use for staff members using company electric vehicles, with different tariff setups for other users. We provide easy user sign-up guides to help with the transition to electric fleets and for general usage of our EV Driver app.

We provide easy user sign-up guides to help with the transition to both electric fleets and for general usage of our EV Driver app.

24/7 EV Driver Support

Offer your staff members a full-service charging experience with our 24/7 EV Driver support. Our in-house team of experts is always on call to ensure EV drivers can always get a charge and have a fantastic user experience. Our EV charging experts keep your charge points in use day and night, providing you with peace of mind.

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Charge point brand partners

Built with scalability and flexibility in mind, we allow charge point operators to build a charging network with the hardware that suits best. We're certified partners of the biggest brands in EV hardware.

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