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Software setup

Your Clenergy EV software voucher offers you and your customers easy ways to manage and maintain EV chargers. 

Follow our steps listed below to get your charger(s) onboarded, and ready to take advantage of the best in EV management software. 

Hardware agnostic to any OCPP charging station


  • Teltonika Teltocharge
    Teltonika Teltocharge
  • Rolec EV Zura
    Rolec EV Zura
  • Easee Charge
    Easee Charge
  • EV Home charger
    Simpsons & Partners
  • EV home charger
    Deta eVolo EVC7001
  • Workplace EV charger
    Cita Smart Compact
  • Hydra Cubus
    Hydra Cubus
  • EO Mini Pro
    EO Mini Pro
  • Schneider Electric
    Schneider Electric
    Alfen Eve Single Pro
  • StarCharge Jupiter
    StarCharge Jupiter
  • EV Box Double BusinessLine
    EV Box Double BusinessLine

Need help?

Call our technical support helpline on 01443 565400, open 9-5 or email