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EVs plugged in to charge.
27 October 2023

New UK EV Charging Regulations Approved

The Government has approved the official passing of a set of new regulations drafted in June, introduced to improve the experience of EV drivers across the public charging network in the UK. 

Recent industry surveys have revealed that despite loving their EVs, drivers face difficulties in using the public charging network such as worries over chargepoint availability.

With the charging infrastructure needing to improve drastically in both its delivery and number of chargepoints in order to keep up with 2030 targets of a 300,000-charger network, these guidelines are a key part of the Government’s strategy to keep pace with the mass EV adoption heralded by new ICE car sale bans scheduled for 2035.

Many of the regulations won’t be put into effect until next year and beyond, but will have implications for both drivers in enjoying a more regulated network to ensure reliability (among other things), and for those operating chargepoints for public use.

With fleet managers often finding ways to recoup costs by opening their networks for public use, it’s also important for those not currently operating a public network to understand these new requirements.


What are the new UK EV guidelines?

Addressing some of the key concerns that have held people back from embracing electric mobility, these new regulations mean that CPOs (chargepoint operators) must deliver the following:

  • 99% reliability for all chargers in the public network by 2024.
  • Open data allowing payment and access to charger locations without payment or signing up to Ts and Cs.
  • Payment roaming through a single app or RFID card.
  • The total price for charging must be displayed in pence per kilowatt-hour either on the chargepoint or on a separate device such as a mobile app.
  • Contactless payment methods available on all rapid chargers again by 2024.
  • 24/7 customer helplines attached to chargepoints to deal with driver queries by 2024.


Why have they been introduced?

This increased level of transparency will go a long way in helping the adoption of EV mobility. 

These mandates ensure a higher standard among our existing network, meaning mass installation of new chargers fit in as part of a reliable infrastructure that ensures fair and accessible charging for all. Using software like ours that is both flexible and OCPP compliant, meaning it will work and be compatible with any charging hardware, will of course mean your network will be able to meet any changing needs that may come with your EV transition.

James Court, CEO of the Electric Vehicle Association England, hailed the regulations as a significant step forward and said: “Better reliability, clearer pricing, easier payments, plus the potentially game-changing opportunities of open data are all a major step forward for EV drivers and should make the UK one of the best places to charge in the world.”


How can software help you meet them?


Our software contains features such as live reporting on charger health, ‘one-click fix’ maintenance systems, and self-diagnosis to give you or your maintenance teams a precise error code citing the reason for your charger outage.

Whilst the reliability of a system is often down to the quality of the hardware, software like ours puts you in the best position to manage your network’s reliability no matter the charging units.


Open Data

Our driver app ensures the visibility of available chargers, without paying or being tied T&Cs.

We do this by allowing for guest usage of our app, in line with of key main commitment to create an EV infrastructure that is fair, accessible, and easy to use for all.


Payment Roaming

Payment via Apple and Google Pay is available through our app, along with multiple other payment options including ‘tap and go’ RFID cards


Transparent Pricing

Our app demonstrates live availability of chargers across your and the general public network, with details including charger pricing displayed prominently for all users to use to make informed charging decisions.


24/7 Helpline

We provide a 24/7 customer contact centre manned in-house by team members with expert EV knowledge, acting as the first point of contact for drivers or those managing the network to make sure you can stay focused on day-to-day operations.


Here to Help

These new charging regulations are bound to have an impact on both driver experience and the ways in which operators are able to manage their network. However, in partnering with an established back-office software provider to assist in the management of your network, you reduce the impact that regulations will have on your day-to-day, future-proofing your network and ensuring you have an extra tool to help solve problems on your behalf before they start impacting your charging.


If you’re interested in seeing what Clenergy EV software can do for you as a chargepoint operator/owner, you can read some more detailed breakdowns on how we help tackle key issues in this sector in previous blog posts like this one, or get in touch to arrange a low-commitment product demonstration by filling out the form below.