Fleet Charging Solutions

Transition to an Electric Vehicle Fleet with our charge point and fleet management system

The Clenergy EV Electric Fleet

Transition to Fleet Charging

Making the transition from a traditional petrol or diesel fleet to an electric vehicle fleet can be a daunting prospect for both public sector and private companies.

At Clenergy EV, we have the tools to support your journey to electrifying your fleet and reducing your carbon emissions. Thanks to our expertise in the EV charging sector, we can provide high quality support as you transition to electric fleet charging.

Monitor your fleet charging

With our advanced monitoring and reporting capabilities, you'll have the insights you need to make informed decisions about your fleet and ensure that your vehicles are performing at their best.

At Clenergy EV, we understand the unique needs of niche vehicles and offer solutions tailored to each type of vehicle to ensure they operate at their maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Electric vehicle fleet managers can easily monitor vehicles in real time.

Fleet telematics provided by partners at GeoTAB allows you to check on hundreds of data points, from a single fleet management platform. This includes battery charge percentage, GPS location, charging station information, assigned tariffs, and access route planning information. You can also set up MOT warnings and servicing history, via registration plate details direct from the DVLA database.

Software platform for charging

Benefits of Fleet Charging Software

Gain the benefits of a fully electrified fleet with our integrated EV charging software.

Fleet management
Monitoring Your Fleet Charging

Fleet managers can easily monitor vehicles in real time with vehicle telematics. Our full-service solution gives you the ability to check battery charge, GPS location, charge point information, assigned tariffs, and access route planning information.

E-Roaming Across Public Charging Networks

Our open network means your electric vehicle fleet can charge from over 400,000 across the UK and Europe. Just by tapping their Clenergy EV contactless RFID card, electric vehicle fleet drivers can be sure of a recharge, wherever their journey takes them.

Benefit from Off-Peak Fleet Charging

Schedule tariffs and charge at off-peak times to maximize savings for your company vehicles. Prioritise certain vehicles to be charged first using dynamic and peak capacity management.

You can maximize your operating expenditure with the use of renewable energy by using Automated Demand Response (ADR) which schedules your fleet charging when the grid is running at a certain % of renewable energy.

Fleet Charging - Carbon Reporting

Keep track of your CO2 targets with our full reporting functionality. By monitoring and maintaining your charge point network, you'll be able to see your electric vehicle fleet activity. To help you monitor your network, you will receive monthly reports covering:

  • Charger details - this report will include information about maintenance, status, last seen times, vendor, affiliation groups, and more.
  • User details - this report will include information regarding payment methods, user ID, charge times, total kWh, tariffs, and more.
Futureproof your Fleet Charging

Take advantage of innovative developments like V2X/V2G charging. The ability to sell power back to the grid can enable you to take full advantage of your own mobile power station

Track residential charging

By using Clenergy EV you can track home charging with our software, meaning less administration costs to your accounts team. All transactions are logged in one place.

Charge Point Estate Management

Managing your charge point estate

Have complete control and full visibility of your estate by combining our powerful Charge Point Management System with our electric vehicle fleet management software.

With our platform, you can see the status of each charger in your estate, including which ones are in use, available, or experiencing any issues. This allows you to quickly identify any problems and take action to resolve them, ensuring that your charging stations are always operational. Both the vehicle charge and power output can be monitored across multiple sites with detailed reporting.

In addition, you can manage your electric vehicle fleet by assigning an unlimited number of private groups. This way you can authorise users in your private groups to access preferential rates, even if a public tariff is available.

Hardware agnostic to any OCPP charging station

Built with scalability and flexibility in mind, we allow charge point operators to build a charging network with the hardware that suits best

Staying fully charged with our EV Driver app and card

Our open network means your electric vehicle fleet can charge from over 300,000 charge points across the UK and Europe. By tapping their contactless Clenergy EV card or fob, fleet drivers can charge confidently, wherever their journey takes them.

Granular controls are also available – electric vehicle fleet managers can recommend specific charge point brands based on cost or sustainability credentials, whichever is more important to their organisation.

One card to roam them all

Want to learn more? Tell us about your fleet electrification needs - we'd love to support you!