Public Sector Charging

Working with local councils and national organisations to electrify their EV charging stations

Public Sector Charging

What are Public Sector Charging Stations?

Public Sector Charging stations are charging stations managed by a public body - be that a local authority, local council or any other governmental organisation. They could serve general members of the public, staff members, or their own fleet of vehicles. The motivations for the Public Sector charging stations are likely not commercially motivated - instead it could be for social good or for meeting sustainability commitments, like net-zero by 2030.

What is public sector EV charging?
Do public bodies need charge point software?

Do public bodies need charge point software?

Large public organisations need a way of recording the activity of their public EV charging stations. This includes the sessions across their network and much more. It is imperative to local councils, who have publicly available charge points in destinations across their jurisdiction.

Local councils may also have to provide charging for their staff. On both occasions, a back-office software provider or charge point management system ensures the charge points are easily accessible via an app for checkout, or via contactless payment.

Income can then be paid back to the employer - even if the end goal is just to cover costs. It can also track CO2 savings or utilisation rates - this will impact further phases of public sector rollout. This is important when working with fleet vehicles, which may be highly specialised, like electric refuse collection vehicles (eRCVS).

Hardware agnostic to any OCPP charging station

Clenergy EV’s software is based on the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) so that charge points from multiple manufacturers can be controlled via one platform.

This gives charge point owners the ability to choose and change their charging station hardware per use case. OCPP also gives you flexibility if you have issues with a manufacturer, or if they do not have the solution you need for a certain vehicle or location. Unlike closed network providers, Clenergy EV is committed to consumer choice and the “open” nature of OCCP.

Manage multiple charge points across various sites, from one location.

Manage multiple charge points across various sites, from one location

  • The Clenergy EV all-in-one platform gives you full control of you charge points, wherever they are located.
  • Our simple and scalable solution gives you access to the data you need - whilst allowing EV Drivers to use your chargers as you see fit.
  • Set public charging tariffs and grant private access remotely, in real time, to cover any use case.

Frameworks and Accreditations

We maintain high levels of trust with our clients - and that stems from both our levels of support and our external accreditations. We are also members of various governmental frameworks, ensuring public sector bodies can get the services they need, from a partner they can work with long term.

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