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Power up your residential charging stations with our back-office software

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What is residential charging?

Residential charging allows electric vehicle drivers to charge their vehicle at home using their own charging station. The home could refer to their own house, a rented property, a managed apartment block or a residential retirement centre. With the sale of new, traditional ICE vehicles being banned in 2030, it is more important than ever for residential properties of all types to have their own EV charging infrastructure.


Residential charging stations in the UK tend to be fast chargers, up to 22kW. Specialist EVSE (Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment) is often needed for safety reasons.

Do I need charge point software for my residential charging station?

Yes - especially if you are managing the property or renting out to others. This allows you to set tariffs on your charging stations, meaning they can be monetised long-term.

Our charge point software can also prevent usage by members of the public. This is important if you have a high-end apartment block where parking spaces are a premium and residents expect spaces to always be available.

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Managing your residential charging stations

Use the Clenergy EV system to ensure your residents' charging stations are always available - all from one platform.

Residential charging
Network data

It’s important to monitor and maintain your residential charging station’s network data. By doing so you’ll be able to see the growth and monetary value of your network. To help you monitor you network you will receive monthly reports.

Charger income reports

Your monthly charger report will include information about the income from your whole residential charging network, along with any connection and overstay fees.

Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) compliant usage

Your monthly OZEV report will monitor the offset CO2 from your charge point network, allowing you to track your networks carbon reduction and fulfil your carbon commitments.

Individual income report

Your monthly individual income report will include information about the income individual charging stations have made, along with any connection and overstay fees.

No annual licence fee option

If you would like no ongoing costs for EV charging management, then this is something we can accommodate. This allows the charge point owner to generate revenue to cover electricity costs, without worrying about long term subscriptions.

Set your residential charging policy and tariffs

You can monetise your charge points for each use, in a variety of different ways. Set up simple tariffs on a per kWh basis. This can be updated in real time as required. If you have multiple chargers in one location, you can set up specific groups under one policy.

For complete control over your network, you can introduce specific user groups. A user group allows you to keep certain charger points private for your residents use only. You can also alter the tariff within your user groups.

Have visitors to your site? Guest checkout can be made available, allowing easy access to less frequent drivers to your estate.

Residential charging
Customer service

EV Assist Driver Support

Provide a premium service to your residents in gated communities or high-end apartment blocks. EV Driver support is available 24/7 from our UK-based monitoring centre as an additional option, to ensure your residents can always charge when they need to.


Our knowledgeable help desk advisors have extensive experience in supporting electric vehicle drivers on their journey - or when they're just arriving home, ready for their next day.

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